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Responsive Web Development

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Responsive Web Development

90% of the media interactions are screen based. 90% people use multi-screens sequentially; 67% of the people use multi-devices sequentially to complete shopping online. Also the users are now habituated to visitwebsites using their Mobile Devices as compared to desktops.Most people have multi-screen interactions, and are used to having similar user experience across the different screens.

If you want to improve engagementand increase interactions on your website, you need to have responsive web development.Responsive web design, a device independent user interface design philosophy, is a necessary to design and optimize similar experiences across the different devices irrespective of their sizes and resolutions. In this space, web designers code the stylesheets such that they adjust the layout to match the width of the device fromwhere itis being viewed.

If your website is still not Responsive, you are missing out visitors and prospective clients.

Why Responsive Designs?

  • Offers better cross device compatibility
  • Offers similar user experience across devices
  • No change in URL for the devices
  • Optimized websites

Why Hire Semaphore Software Responsive Web Solutions?

  • Experienced and highly skilled resources
  • Ease of tracking and monitoring performance
  • Quality and highly responsive websites
  • Completion of projects in stipulated time
  • Adopts best development practices
Our Responsive Web Design Approach
We specialize in responsive coding with a solid understanding of usability principles.
Get mobile compatible websites to target increasing number of smartphone and tablet users

The use of Smartphones and tablets has gone up in last couple of years. And so, it is important to concentrate on cross platform mobile app development which are compatible on both mobile and web platforms.

  • Cross Platform Compatibility
    Cross Platform Compatibility

    Cross platform compatibility is an extremely crucial attribute of any site; especially when the use of Smartphones and Tablets has become common.
    We at Semaphore ensure a flawless and glitch-free mobile web design that is uniform irrespective of the factors like sizes, height, length, user environment etc. across PC and MAC.

  • Better Usability
    Cross Platform Compatibility

    Our experts make sure that mobile compatible websites are highly efficient. With a contextual design and development, we ensure better access and usability.

  • Higher Visibility
    Cross Platform Compatibility

    Use of Smartphones and tablets for surfing net is very common nowadays. So, it is very crucial for the businesses, to have a strong visibility and reachable mobile presence. 100% mobile presence will give a boost to your business with an increased visibility and reach to larger audience.

  • Universal Coding
    Cross Platform Compatibility

    A website which works on different platforms with the same level of efficiency and functionality has become the need of the hour! Our skills in the latest version of HTML enable us to create universal solutions which focus on client’s requirement, are user-driven and delivered on time.