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Why SilverODC?

We are right choice to move your business forward

Why SilverODC?

We think about Customer’s core requirements to innovate and grow your business

We are a partner, not a vendor

Semaphore highlights more on working with the clients as a reliable partner to help them accomplish their business goals rather than just being a vendor. Without getting deterred by factors such as differences in geographies, cultures and time zones, Semaphore’s stays committed to providing excellent team collaboration with our partners (clients).

Semaphore has safe a proven track record of success through the implementation of this approach that has helped our clients from IT improvements and R&D domains. Semaphore’s responsive approach has enabled our teams to build happy, private relationships with client’s team members. We provide keen support to our client as per their requirements.

  • Agile Development

    The frequent and uncertain changes, more competition, on-demand technology services for agility are a challenge to traditional businesses having software development unit. SilverODC takes into consideration an ad-hoc requirement of clients and implements software development work efficiently.

  • Security and IP Protection

    The SilverODC has firm security norms to protect client’s Intellectual Property. Each offshore development unit is having biometric physical access controls, world-class firewalls, and strict endpoint security at workstations. SilverODC takes into consideration an ad-hoc requirement of clients and implements software development work efficiently.

Something more about you.

Have you ever outsourced?

Are you having any process implemented internally like CMMI-5?

Do you know anything about traditional outsourcing business models?

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Your special requirment of the office space and IT infastructure

SilverODC offers standard package with 4 front desk, Air conditioning, brand new desktops , 5 mbps fiber internet , houser keeping , Biometric physical Access, Payroll Processing , Dedicated Cafeteria fridged & Microwaves.


Would you like to try with smaller Team & Flexi traditional outsourcing model prior to start ODC ?






What do we do?

  • We manage short-term & long-term headcount fluctuations
  • Minimizing hiring, training and retention cost
  • Maintaining the talent pool which comes with multiple skill sets
  • Manage service level with ensuring the right amount of staffing

Benefits with us

  • Flexible, scalable and secure operations
  • Complete control operations using dedicated resources
  • Managing large volume dynamically
  • Improved recruitment capability by acquiring the best talent
  • Product support services with business consulting IT trends
  • Independent Validation and Quality Assurance
  • Ensure product has passed through various design & development test

Why Us?

  • 24/7 Support Services
  • Internet: Optic Fiber Connectivity
  • Work Space: World-class workspace
  • IT Support: IT support for internal infrastructure
  • Call Monitoring: Helpdesk management software with collaboration suite
  • Utilities: SilverODC package with utilities included
  • Scalability: SilverODC give scalability to increase team size with HR support