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How to Start an ODC Project?

Gain access to world class dedicated offshore technology

How to Start an ODC Project?

Boost your Business with using top-quality resources and highest involvement.

Learn How to Start ODC Project with us?

You will find many engaging offshore software development partners that will help in developing your project but we will develop skills & experience to execute essential projects effectively which will boost your business. We build a hybrid development model that fits the requirements and work model to trailer the customer’s needs.

Our process-based methodologies ensure high degree transparency and ongoing soft skills to serve minimum communication gaps and support round-the-cloud work days. We help startups to set up their ODC and reduce their cost.

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Your special requirment of the office space and IT infastructure

SilverODC offers standard package with 4 front desk, Air conditioning, brand new desktops , 5 mbps fiber internet , houser keeping , Biometric physical Access, Payroll Processing , Dedicated Cafeteria fridged & Microwaves.


Would you like to try with smaller Team & Flexi traditional outsourcing model prior to start ODC ?






What do we do at our Offshore Development Center?

Our CMMI Level 5 is a pool of specialists, business analysts, project managers, and architects who work 24/7. We are the only few ODC companies that allow clients to have the flexible model to optimize the investments according to your needs.

How do we do?

From being an Offshore Software Development Company, we establish the significant activities and milestones to determine the project success.

  • We define the engagement model
  • Identify the activities to be executed
  • Develop the work plan in detail
  • Agree to various acceptance protocols
  • Ready to setup project portal with ease

How does Offshore Development Center Model Work?

  • Contractor ODC Model

    This model is more commonly available in smaller companies. Using this model one can gather the full team in compliance with managing the office and other related activities. This help in various task updating and expanding into other platforms. The team of the specification runs on the analytic and system design task before actual coding.

  • Customer ODC Model

    We know that customer’s power is much bigger, so it is suitable for small to big sized companies. For those who require a lot of analysis, design, and management, this model helps them to cover all management projects with ease. The ODC offers a team of developers that provide project specialists who can analyze, research, design, test and deliver the product on-time.

How to Launch an ODC project?

  • Select the right vendor for ODC
  • Explore the track records and finishing product
  • Select Staff and Setup Office Premises
  • Plan your Data Center and security measures
  • Start actual development process
  • Setup project tracking and management suite
  • Give your team a new place to carry out the project
  • Monitor and Evaluate Performance
  • Process Compliance & IPR
ODC Project Life Cycle

Our Services

Our Offshore Development services will give cost-effective solutions, on-demand service delivery to faster the market time and support the needy clients.

  • A Complete Product Lifecycle Maintenance and Development
  • Integrate, Design and Architect
  • Dedicated technical staff with immediate query response
  • Business and Requirement Analysis
  • Privacy and Confidentiality of work
  • Complete process and quality control
  • Testing & Helpdesk
  • Support & Maintenance

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