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Semaphore Software offers captive offshore software development in India to its clients for in-house software development as compared to traditional outsourcing; thus maximizing solution in the long run as well as controlled costs.

Why ODC?

Why ODC?

  • 4000+
    Projects Delivered
  • 2000+
  • 1200+
There are three components of ODC
  • Physical Infrastructure Setup
  • Office Equipment
  • Development Environment
  • Recruit Best Talent
  • Training & Development
  • Efficiency Measurement
  • Functional Process Setup
  • IP Protection
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Manpower under ODC
  • Knowledge Pool and Intellectual Property
ODC Project Life Cycle

Key issues taken care of in an Offshore Development Center (ODC) environment

  • Protection of IP
  • Exit Policy
  • Security and Backup Policies
  • Ramp Up and Ramp Down
  • Risk Management Plan
ODC Life Cycle

Build Phase

ODC Life Cycle

Manage Phase

ODC Life Cycle

Transfer Phase (Optional)

SilverODC is designed such a way that it has flexiblity to handover operation to you. Semaphore will build and operate your center and will handover it based on milestones achivement. Pre-defined milestones will be strategic decision where Semaphore will help you to get to next level.

Here onwards… new journey will begin… !!!