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Cloud Computing

Exploit the potential of cloud computing services for your business needs

Cloud Applications

Cloud Applications

Cloud Technology is a must for the growth of businesses, specifically in a world dominated by big data or large data sets, always available internet connectivity, portability expectations and servicing a large client base. Cloud Technology has matured in many ways by improving the security and data integration methods, thus removing any barriers that existed in adoption of cloud in early days.

Why Opt for Cloud Computing?

With the help of cloud, businesses can optimize the effect of shared resources, thus maximizing the output. Sharing and dynamically reallocating the resources is possible with the adoption of cloud. A large amount of data can be stored, manipulated and analyzed in the cloud. Here are some benefits associated with cloud computing

  • You get a secure and scalable architecture.
  • Reduce your IT spending especially in software licenses.
  • Maintenance costs are negligible.
  • Data can be accessed even in the remote locations with internet connectivity.
  • Complex disaster recovery plans are not needed when using the cloud.
  • Collaborative and integrated technology solutions.
  • Compatible with all platforms, and environmental friendly solutions.
  • Remote access available.
  • Options for Private or Public cloud.

Harnessing the Potential of Semaphore Software

Semaphore Software understands that you need an edge to stay ahead in the competition. Our cloud applications and big data services extends to B2B as well as B2C. We offer application development services that leverage on the public, private and hybrid cloud technologies using the available tools and methodologies. We follow four steps as part of the cloud enablement process

  • Application and Migration Assessment
  • Service Delivery
  • Application Enablement
  • Infrastructure Enablement

To gain access to our cloud expertise, get in touch with us with your requirement.