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Top Features That Make Zend 2 Better Than its Previous Versions

Published: Feb 8, 2016  |   | 

Zend 2 Features
Zend is a convenient and easy framework that is object oriented and widely used by PHP developers. PHP version 5 and above can be used to develop applications using this open source framework. Because of its simple yet practical options in regards to technical problems, it is being substantially utilized today. The latest version of Zend is the Zend Framework 2 which has evolved from Zend Framework 1. Following are the notable features of this web application developing framework that lets developers and users to use it with ease.


The main pro of using ZF2 is its characteristic of being modular which lets the user to use whatever they need and ignore the rest. One can drop in someone else’s module, and with a simple line added to the config file, a new application is ready without much efforts. One can easily add common functionality to their ZF2 project by simply picking and choosing the modules they need from the cache. With this, it makes the concept of modular code-reuse very easy and simple. Modules can be application specific or can be written generically.


With the concept of modules, one can scale their website easily according to their needs. This framework goes well with any sort of open source applications and hence can be extensively used in creating rich platforms. It is comparatively basic and minimizes the technological troubles of a developer, thus permitting him/her to concentrate on the genuine target.


This framework seems extremely safe and secure as it comes with BSD license and hence protects the content in the internet site from being breached by any sort of third party. It also includes various components that secure applications from errors and XSS attacks. This feature of security lets developers create more secure websites.

Simple Architecture

This particular version of Zend supports both MVC (Model View Controller) as well as MOVE (Model View Controller Operations) architectures. MVC pattern allows separating the presentation layer from business logics of the web site, making it consistent and maintainable. By using the MOVE pattern, one can split the controller into Events and Operations. It is up to the developers to use whichever architecture they are comfortable with.

Strong backend support

While ZF1 was backed by Zend Technologies, ZF2 has remarkable supporters including companies like Google, Microsoft and StrikeIron that have contributed remarkable features to the framework. These companies provide interfaces to technologies and web services to make them available to Zend Framework 2 developers.


The size of installation of the latest version is approximately 2.5 Mb when zipped, which makes it compact as compared to the previous versions. This reduces the disk space thereby making it convenient to install and use. With all these features and faster execution of ZF2, developers can develop their web site much faster than developing it using PHP. If you wish to hire a Zend programmer in India, we at Semaphore Software will offer you the best solutions at competitive price. To hear more from us and know the opportunities drop us an email at info@semaphore-software.com.