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Why Xamarin is Growing Fast Adaptability in Mobility Solutions

Published: Apr 27, 2016  |   | 

Xamarin for mobility solution
Mobility solutions have become an integral part of the business world. Whether it is the BYOD environment that businesses want to create or offer information and services to their customers using apps, the scope for app development is spreading far and wide. With so many different devices, different interfaces we are talking about a complex world where a business needs to meet varied expectations and technical needs. Xamarin development is surely one of the best ways to deploy mobility solutions in multi-platform environment. Let us take a look at some reasons why Xamarin is fast growing in adaptability in mobility solutions.

High Performance Apps

The app market is both crowded and competitive and it is here that Xamarin helps you develop high performance apps that stand out and help you meet your business objectives. It is a developer friendly platform and allows developers to come out with innovating ideas that help in addressing some of the common problems faced by businesses.

Powering Native Applications

Native apps is preferred by most businesses as well as developers as they allow apps to leverage the OS and hardware components to the maximum. WithXamarin Studio (IDE) you would be able to code the app in C# which allows you draw benefits from device-specific features and native performance environment.

Sharing App Logic

This is one of biggest advantages of using Xamarin as it allows developers to share the application logic across different platforms. App logic used under the user-interface layer in an app that include database interaction, input validation and web interactions that can easily be shared across different apps. This is possible as the apps are coded in C#. To put it in figures it can cut down coding between 50% and 75% for cross platform apps helping reduce the turnaround time and costs.

Component Store

Why reinvent the wheel? This is the exact logic behind this app development platform as it has created a Component Store where developers can access free and paid resources that allows them to cut down on the development cycle. As a developer you would have access to hundreds of libraries, UI controls, and web services that come in handy while developing an app. These components also help developers overcome some of the biggest challenges with app development. This work similar to plugins in case of web based Content Management Systems.

Robust Testing Environment

Testing is one of the most important stages of any development process and Xamarin TestCloud offers you the most robust testing environment you can think of. Xamarin testing tool allows you to test your app across different operating systems on hundreds of devices. From testing your app for performance on iOS to dealing with the fragmentation challenge on Android, it simplifies the entire process of testing. Xamarin is fast becoming the most preferred platform for developing mobility solutions both for enterprises as well as app stores. To leverage this platform you need Xamarin Partner who have sound knowledge in Xamarin development and Xamarin testing. At Semaphore Software we offer enterprise mobility solutions to small and large businesses using this platform. Drop us an email at info@semaphore-software.com we would give you enough reasons to come on-board.