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Are you passionate about writing? Does Technology interest you? Are you seeking an opportunity to write for a blog? Well we have a platform for you to live your passion.

We are inviting guest bloggers, who are passionate about Technology! Writing will follow and we will also guide you on your writing skills.

If you are interested in this opportunity, then take some time and go through the guidelines.

Guidelines for Guest Blogging

  • Posts should be anywhere between 500 to 800 words
  • Title should be creative and catchy
  • Submission should be in Word Doc format
  • Include images as a separate attachment.
  • Mention the Source or Inspiration very clearly.
  • Once submitted, the content belongs to the blog, and you will not be able to post the content anywhere else.


  • You will need to send a Blog completed as per above guidelines to newswire@silvertouch.com
  • If your blog is approved, it will be published in your name
  • We normally process the blog approval in 1 week period


  • We will review the article for basic writing skills like grammar, punctuation etc.
  • We also analyze the Images used.
  • In case, we make some major changes, we will seek your approval before posting it

Submitting your Blog

  • Once the blog is submitted, it will take 1 week for us to process.
  • What all should you email
  • A Word File containing the blog text (also put the images so we know the placement as per your prose)
  • An Image File Containing the images that you specifically want in the blog (if any)
  • A Text File with your Author bio & a Picture
  • Your Social Media profile URLs for- Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, G+

So, get started with your ideas, and write to us with your topic. If approved, you can proceed with the blog.

Look forward to hearing from you!


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