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Why You Need to Develop Android Apps for Your Business?

Published: Mar 7, 2016  |   | 

Android Apps for Your Business
If you thought your business doesn’t need an app, it’s time to think again. Mobile applications are no longer fancy products that merely brand your business, but have become an important customer engagement tool. Their penetration among small businesses and start-ups is a perfect testimony to their growing popularity and the advantages they offer. Whether you want to sell your products to the customers or offer services such as news or weather updates, apps are the ideal way of going about the process. In a world where businesses are adopting the idea of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to the workplace mobile apps help in increasing productivity. In the modern world mobile apps offer you a personalized channel to communicate with your audience. If you are thinking of developing apps, it has to start with Android. After acquiring it Google has given a complete new meaning to this operating system which powers more than 1.4 billion devices as per the latest figures. This number is set to touch the 2 billion mark by 2018. Android development is the flavor of the mobile development market with thousands of companies around the world offering these services. Let us explore some benefits of developing Android apps for your business.

Stats Don’t Lie

As per the latest stats, Android operating system enjoys close to 83% market share which isn’t just impressive but mind-blowing and shows the dominance of this OS. Yes you heard it right more than 8 out of 10 smartphone users have a device that runs on Android. From governments to your local coffee shops, everyone has found Android the best way to communicate, sell and serve. So if you are planning to develop an app, it has to start with Android and can be extended to other platforms later. It will be a great way to gauge the expectations of your users and bring in improvements and upgrades based on their feedback.

The Mobile Revolution

How and what for we use the Internet has undergone sea change in the last few years. Today mobile Internet usage (thanks to the smartphone revolution) exceeds desktop usage. Not developing an app would virtually cut you out from a majority of the Internet users. Most users prefer to browse for information, shop for products, access services and communicate using handheld devices. Also most users browse information for real-time use. Mobile website looks pre-historic and don’t offer you the same traction as an app. And as explained in the previous point you need to first target Android users being moving over to other platforms.

Open Ecosystem

The advantage of Android’s open ecosystem doesn’t benefit only the users, it also benefits the developers as well as businesses. This open ecosystem allows you to exercise your creativity and come up with ever more interesting and engaging apps that help in creating a strong bond with the customers. Given that the ecosystem is open you would be able to market your apps in third-party store other than Google Play. This is a big advantage over close-walled operating systems such as the iOS and Windows that often act as barriers to open marketing of apps.

Low Entry Barrier

Android has been able to break the entry barrier in the smartphone industry. Android powered devices are available as low as $50. This has allowed ordinary individuals to own a smartphone. While with an iOS app you may be able to reach out to only the affluent section of the audience, an android app allows you to target both the elites and as well as people at the bottom of the pyramid. This increase in audience size also allows you to increase your sales and revenue.

Better Customization

Being a highly fragmented ecosystem Android has developed some inherent characteristics that allow developers to tailor the apps to meet your niche needs. Your apps can be tweaked and upgraded easily based on the changing trends in the market which opens up many news opportunities for you as a business and allows you to edge past your rivals.

Fast Turnaround Time

Developers find Android to be one of the most user-friendly platforms when it comes to developing apps. Android SDK is a highly scalable and this allows them to reduce the turnaround time in app development as compared to other platforms. Also easy availability of simulators allows developers to test the app across different devices in this highly fragmented market. This also helps you roll the app and its updates faster into the market and cash in on by being an early mover. An Android app is your ticket to success in this tech savvy world where customers expect real-time access to information and services. To ensure your app stands out in the race, you need to hire an Android development service company that delivers an inspiring app. At Semaphore Software we have been a part of Android development since its infancy and offer your business many possibilities. Write to us at info@semaphore-software.com to know more.