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Are you a Technology Enthusiast? Do Not Miss CeBIT 2016!

Published: Feb 17, 2016  |   | 

reasons to visit cebit 2016
CeBIT is considered to be one of the largest trade fairs held each year, focusing on latest global IT trends and techniques. It is a wave that hits the IT and digital trade in bringing revolution every year. The companies participating in this trade fair focus in expanding their business and connecting with prospective clients. CeBIT is an implicit platform for all those who are technology enthusiasts. It is arguably an event that showcases the work style, solutions and skill implementations of industry players from around the world. This year, CeBIT-2016 is being held at Hannover, Germany from 14-18 March, 2016.

CeBIT for Exhibitors

CeBIT is beyond doubt a gathering of technologists from around the globe that presents to the audiences their role in transforming the business world. Digital transformation is changing business model of all industries. CeBIT is a must visit event for professionals of not just IT but any field where technological change is expected. Companies can experience incredible business experience by exhibiting at CeBIT-2016. It is the most cost effective mode to reach necessary audiences. This event is not just a tradeshow, it is an opportunity for industries to come together to make business by learning new trends, building networks and growing connections. Exhibiting companies can participate in vital discussions and update their knowledge through technical sessions and discussions led by experts. Every year, new companies exhibit at CeBIT showcasing the latest technology implemented by them. The spectators utilize this event as a chance to compare and shop. Companies can be a part and figure out their superiority from their competitors in service, pricing and performance. This event thus gives companies an opportunity to prove themselves in the rat race.

CeBIT for Visitors

This event is a great place of learning and acquiring knowledge about the latest trends in the areas of Digitalization, Big Data, Internet of Things, Social Business, Mobile and Security, Communication and Network, etc. For clients seeking business, there will be options in the areas of Business IT Solution, Internet Solutions, Business Communications and Networks Solutions, Public Safety and Internal Security, Cyber Defense, Security Services, Hardware and Multimedia Solutions, Cloud Computing, IT Management, Business Intelligence, Investment and Funding Services, Healthcare Management, Geo Information Systems and Telemedicine. This event is a best place to learn about new products and market tendencies. Those seeking for a job can seek employers of the respective areas. One can ask queries and concerns about the services exhibitors provide and analyze their performance. For those with a vision to set up startups can find investors at this event. Visitors can also buy or check out samples to test before making a deal. Above all, visitors can attend motivating and informational conferences by visionary speakers and leaders like Frank Kohl-Boas, HR Head at Google, Jean Philippe Cortois, President of Microsoft International, Steve Wozniak and many others. Google, SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce, Huawei and IBM are few exhibitors amongst many others at CeBIT-2016. This event is open for all, service providers, buyers and international as well as local manufacturers. Join Silver Touch to this mega trade event.