Why Choose Joomla for Ultimate CMS Solution

October 17, 2014 Published by: Prayaga Pattanayak

Joomla Web Development

Content Management System has been a great buzz when it comes to building of dynamic website. CMS is a web-based application that stores entire content in a database separated from the website templates. It consist of two elements i.e. Content Management Application (CMA) & Content Delivery Application (CDA) that provides edit, create and manage the website content with limited technical skills. Few CMS giants in open source platform are – WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

Getting clear idea on the requirements & need of the website is an important factor in choosing the CMS. In recent past Joomla has been gaining good share of CMS market. It is an award winning open source CMS. And has been very popular and powerful due to its ease of use i.e.: single click installation, free availability and extensibility with great availability of extensions.

Joomla open source CMS is written using PHP script and built on MVC framework. Joomla’s websites are highly functional and intuitive that is comparatively fast and cheap to build up-front. These websites are much robust & flexible for future development. Joomla is developed and constantly improved by highly skilled developer community. Since it is an open-source CMS many developers can create components and extensions to greatly enhance the functionality and operability of a website.

Why Choose Joomla?

Joomla CMS has wide range of usages, mostly targeted for building up community based websites, membership network, newsroom, media file management etc. Joomla has been the most favorable option for social networking sites. JomSocial is one of the most extensively used extensions for social networking. It is a tool that enables to create interactive Joomla communities with a unique & engaging feature. With growing craze for social networking Joomla is expanding its control through various additional features. Eventlist, Myblog, Kunea Forum, Jreviews etc, are few extensions that add up to the Joomla social offering by seamless integration with JomSocial.

joomla FeaturesJoomla is also striving fast into e-commerce arena with development of some high feature e-commerce extension such as Virtue mart, Joocommerce, Eshop, Joomshopping, HikaShop etc. To add up its e-commerce strength extension for multi vendor suit are available with easy integration. Joomla offers extension for number of Payment gateways as like JD ideal, Pay U, Stripe Payment etc which are widely used in several existing website.

There are free and commercial Learning Management Systems developed for Joomla. The most popular include Moodle, JoomlaLMS, eFront, Dokeos and Guru. These extensions provide variety of features that is from selling of subscriptions to courses, setting up payment methods to creating invoices and discount coupons. Qualitative Learning Management Systems are compatible with JomSocial component that makes e-learning process collaborative. The learners are involved in learning and can share their progress on social profiles.

The Joomla directory offers a wide range of extensions fulfilling the requirement for Classifieds & Affiliates, Clients & Communities, Communications, and Financial domains. Joomla extensions are strengthening the CMS & making it as versatile platform.

Joomla Features

    • Better user experience in terms accessibility & usability, simpler & cleaner admin panel.
    • Great numbers of extensions are available in the App Store with easy search & quick installation.
    • Large availability of icons and renovated template System to code, override, add, delete & customize any file without FTP access.
    • Joomla allows to explicitly setting of the Meta description and the Meta keywords of any page bringing huge benefits to SEO rankings.
    • Use of bcrypt (key derivation function) for password format. And two factor authentications using Google authenticator ensuring tight security.
    • Access control functionality to create user groups and managing permission for each group
    • Joomla installation triggers an automatic multi language site generator.
    • Joomla 3 will be available as a one-click update and Quick Installations.
    • Joomla website is compatible with all browsers by default.
    • Content Versioning for every update is maintained with detailed information of content & author.
    • Rapid Application Framework (RAD) in the core of Joomla 3.x version has significantly speed up 3rd party development with the CMS.
    • Setting to show the SQL queries, profiling and allowing super administrator to debug to make the site bug free.

Joomla’s growing statistics in terms of downloads, themes & extensions has been a great sign of its popularity and demand. It has also been used in building many popular website such as Harvard University – The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, MTV Greece, The Fashion Spot etc. In this booming competition of CMS Joomla is proving to be one of the top-notch. Looking in above features & figures it can be recommended that Joomla is one of the best content management systems allowing easy build up of variety of websites.

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