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Why Redesign Your Website in 2023?

Published: Feb 9, 2016  |   | 

Why Redesign your Website in 2016?
Why redesign a website? This is one of the generic questions that we come across on the Internet. While most businesses across industries have created an online presence, few manage to maintain it to deliver potential results. This results in loss of traffic, inability to convert leads into sales and most importantly inability to create an impression in the minds of the target audience. As we have just kick-started a year, we shall share the top reasons for redesigning your website in 2023.

Loss of Traffic

This is one of the first signs of website illness if we can term it so. It can indicate multiple things – you are losing out on organic traffic (search engine traffic) due to poor design or, your loyal customers are turning their backs on you. Additional symptoms may include long time to load and high bounce rates. Once you notice such symptoms, you need to hire an agency that offers web redesign service immediately.

Not Mobile Friendly

Have you for years prayed that the craze for mobile browsing subsides, and the users go back to the old days of browsing on their computers and laptops? Its time you wake up, because mobile users have surpassed desktops and would make them irrelevant in a few years from now. Mobile friendliness is THE FACTOR for success in today’s world and you need to work towards it.

Website Looks Dated

Do you flaunt the same style that you did five years back? You don’t, as the styles and trends have become dated. Web designing is fast evolving and in no time your website can look dated when compared to your rivals. This can hurt your business interest radically, as your potential customers may brand you as ‘old-school’ irrespective of the evolution in your products and services. As a thumb-rule, any website that is 3 years or older needs to be redesigned.

New Functionalities

Older generation websites were built with rigid structures. There was little scope of customization and adding fresh content such as blogs to it was a pain. Modern websites are powered by Content Management Systems that offer you code-free control over design and content. They also allow you to add functionalities such as social media integration, shopping carts etc. with ease. If you are in need of such functionalities you must redesign your website.

Flash Is Dead

Though Flash hasn’t been used in web development for many years now, but if you still happen to have a Flash powered website, its time you bid adieu to this technology. HTML5 and other scripting languages can create animation, motion and everything else that Flash was used for, with two major benefits – they don’t harm your site’s rankings, and they do not make it appear odd on hand-held devices. Great opportunities await you when you hire the website redesign services of the right web design company for your website. At Semaphore Software, we don’t merely redesign your website but turn it into a powerful marketing tool for your business. If you wish to know more about the possibilities write to us at info@semaphore-software.com.