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6 Excellent Ways of Designing your User Interface

Published: Sep 3, 2015  |   | 

User Interface Designing

Web design works in tandem with user interface and user experience. In the past, web design did not take into consideration interface and experience designs. But, now UI and UX designers are specifically appointed to ensure good and intuitive designs to incorporate the latest trends, without giving up on the business needs. If you aspire to have a good interface designed for your website, then here are a few tips that might prove to be useful to you.

Make Changes Visible

When you introduce a good user interface, you need to work on making the changes incorporated by the user of your website more visible. Let’s say your user clicked on a button, something should happen to indicate the user that the button has been clicked. A sophisticated user interface ensures the changes made by the user are highlighted perfectly. Using AJAX can improve the responsiveness as well as interactivity of the web apps. A simple animation can also mark the simple changes, and help deliver a good user experience.

Color Coded Lists

If you have an application that lists out all the projects, tasks as well as the latest messages, then your user will find it difficult to distinguish between the different items. What will you do in this case? To improve the interface, you can utilize color coding to differentiate between the lists, and make it user friendly. The easiest way is to include a text label within a colored box. You can introduce random colors for the different tasks. This is an excellent tip for those who need to differentiate the things in an application.

Create More Personalization Options

Provide more options for personalization to the user of your application. Let him redefine the theme, color sets, background etc. to match his/her needs. Your user will feel more at home with such personalization options. Even a small personalization window can help deliver a good user experience. While introducing personalization options may suit your purpose, you should never offer these options at the cost of the core functionality. Find an ideal compromise between the core functionality and the personalization you wish to offer. This will help you design a good user interface.

Attractive Help Messages

Offer to help your users while they navigate on your application. There will be several functions on your application. It is a responsible decision to make most of the functions comprehensible to the user. But, in case there are some functions that your user does not understand, then include help functions that will assist them. These prompt help shout-outs should be attractive, and should appear immediately on being called. A sticky message is a popular way of incorporating the help messages in an attractive fashion.

Incorporate Tabbed Navigation

This is an interesting way of displaying the main navigation menu- the tabbed navigation method. Each item on this menu takes the form of a tab on a particular file/folder. The active tab is connected to the page. This menu type offers an incredible interface. The tabs on folders type menu arrangement will definitely click well with the audience, as they will be aware of how it is used, and what the particular icon defines. The users gain more control in this method.

Short Registration Forms

Your potential customers will refrain from signing the contact forms in case it is too lengthy, or takes up too much of their time. You will need to redefine your contact forms in a way that they invest less time in filling it out. After all contact forms will lead you to your potential clients. Remove the optional elements and just include the things that are essential for you.

Taking time to design the user interface will help you create user friendly designs. Semaphore Software is a leading web design company that offers customized web design solutions. Get in touch via info@semaphore-software.com to gain expert assistance.