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Useful Tips For Outsourcing eCommerce Development Project Wisely

Published: Oct 2, 2019  |   | 


As you run an eCommerce store, a plethora of activities keeps you busy. Custom eCommerce solutions can assist you to manage and control your online business efficiently. But then, you need to think of managing inventory, creating reader-friendly content, and running ad campaigns at once. This is indeed difficult because these are all time-consuming activities, and as an online shop owner, you hardly find any time to manage such activities.

Thankfully, nowadays, many options are available in the market that address your pain point and save you a lot of time and resources. However, the best option remains for eCommerce website development is outsourcing some online activities. In the context of eCommerce sector, outsourcing enables you to get services of an outside team for accomplishing various tasks on time without hiring new staff in your office.

Here are top things to consider for outsourcing to ensure the growth of your eCommerce business even when you are focusing on other important tasks.

1. Inventory-related Tasks

For any business, inventory management plays a pivotal role in maintaining the demand and supply gap. After reaching a certain point, you may find it difficult to manage inventory. We can mention two reasons for it- if the stock is less than necessary, it may cause a shortage of products. If the stock is more than necessary, then you need to spend big bucks behind storage. So, inventory-related or fulfillment tasks are important and at the same time, they are difficult to manage effectively.

There, you can hire a VA (Virtual Assistant) that can manage these tasks. For example, the VA makes it sure that the right amount of inventory for every product is available all time. The virtual assistant can also track shipments and ensure timely delivery. You can also outsource fulfillment-related requirements to the company.

2. Writing-related Tasks

writing tasks

Content is another important aspect of eCommerce solutions. Relevant and engaging content can compel visitors to buy your products. Also, such content can build trust and your customers or visitors can come again to your store. But then, it is difficult to manage the writing-related tasks for you because other necessary tasks take much of your time. You may not even initiate and maintain the blog section, which is important to stay ahead of the curve.

You can opt for outsourcing for the following content tasks for your eCommerce store.

• Product listing- It is crucial to enable your potential customers to make purchase decisions. It is a product description that compels visitors to click on your products. Therefore, it needs to be precise and yet interesting.

• Blog section- It can spread awareness about the latest trends, keep your customers updated with company activities and promotional schemes, and give you a platform to share knowledge. The blog section is managed by a professional agency to get the desired outcome through regular updates.

• Email marketing- Email list is one of the most valuable tools for selling. These people have invited you to send promotional emails, and therefore, you need to keep them happy by sending emails regarding offers, coupons, and special discounts. Here, outsourcing of email marketing can help you increase the conversion rate.

A reputed eCommerce web development company can also accomplish this task for you with visible results in terms of increased traffic and sales.

3. Design-related Tasks

Design can work wonders in customized eCommerce solutions. Now, graphic design is not everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, you should hire a team of designers for the following design-related tasks.

• Logo design- Your company’s logo is a representative of you and your business. Logo design is therefore crucial and you should hire an experienced designer to get the right design.

• Image listing- The eCommerce website development involves image listing because you cannot imagine an online shop without images. Clear images can draw the attention of visitors.

• Infographics- Infographic is capable of telling a story of your business in an interactive and engaging way. You can easily convey the message or make your target audience understand complex data with the help of infographics.

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4. Social media and SEO-related Tasks

social media

It is said that posting at least 2x a day on various social media channels can attract more visitors and build trust. But then, posting on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc. is time-consuming and needs a proper schedule as well as regularity. Therefore, it is better to outsource social media campaign. You can outsource social media activities like twits and Facebook posts. On average, top eCommerce companies tweet at least 10 to 12 tweets a day to engage their customers and build trust.

Another important activity to improve the visibility of your eCommerce website and increase web traffic is SEO. It enables your website to get higher rank in the SERPs and you can stand out of the competition. Outsourcing can facilitate you to leverage the benefits of SEO at a reasonable price. You can outsource the activities like link building, social bookmarking, and key research for ensuring a high ranking of your eCommerce shop on search pages.

5. Promotional Tasks

These tasks need experience and professional approach along with proper monitoring. Be it running an ad campaign on various social media platforms or running ads on Google (PPC Campaign), it needs dedicated efforts and tracking to ensure desired results. You can hire experienced marketers to launch and run an ad campaign that can reach a huge audience globally.

You can take help of an outsourcing partner in setting up and analyzing ad campaigns.

6. Customer-related Tasks

customer tasks

Customer services hold a key to the success of your online store. It is better to keep in mind that customers have many options in the eCommerce sector. You should provide them better services to keep them engaged and satisfied with your brands. One of the ways to retain customers for a long time is regular communication. You can outsource the activities like answering questions, follow-ups, and giving responses to reviews. You need to respond to even negative comments to minimize the damage. Altogether, customer services are essential to keep your customers happy.

Wrapping Up

Running an eCommerce store successfully is an uphill task in today’s highly competitive scenario. You need expert help in developing user-friendly eCommerce solutions that can lead your business toward success. Outsourcing can reduce your burden of handling all the eCommerce business processes simultaneously, and you can keep the focus on core activities.

If you are looking for a trusted and reputed outsourcing partner for your eCommerce business, your search ends at Semaphore Software. We offer customized eCommerce website development services using all popular platforms like Magento, Zen Cart, and OS Commerce. We also provide ODC and other IT services to ensure your business growth. Simply send us an email at info@semaphore-software.com to know more.