How to Increase Conversion Rates Of Your E-Commerce venture

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How to Increase Conversion Rates Of Your E-Commerce venture

Having an online store is a need of the day, as this gives an opportunity to customers to shop at their ease.  Oodles of E-commerce websites are the clear indication of the mindset of the customers of present era. But mind it; running a web store is not that easy, as we customers assume.  An online business website has to do retailing/ transaction, have to complete orders, besides managing the accounts what they get through payments. When it comes to operating a well rounded website, it is crucial to make sure that you have done your home work well by covering all the bases that are required to run a successful E-commerce store..

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Features That Drive Conversion

When it comes for driving traffic to conversions for your well designed E-Store, the first and foremost step is to make a well managed store that has a caring attitude for the customers. Design matters; and having a excellent website design sends the signals that there is a rocking business establishment behind the scene.

As far as other techniques that convert traffic into possible customers are as

E Mail

In the era when e-mail is the best and cost effective method to do publicity of a new launch, it is advisable to collect e mail addresses and adopt E-mail letter campaign. It is a cost effective mode of doing publicity and you can send mails at your convenience.

Social media

Geographical boundaries have diminished after the introduction of Internet, and Social Media has further transformed it into a ghetto. So to enhance your visibility and target the audience, placing advertisement Social Media especially Facebook is the best place

Social Book Marking

As a part of social media strategy it is required to post blogs in some of the websites that are having a good name in internet. This will increase the traffic, and this traffic in turn can become customers of your well designed website.

Press releases

From time to time releasing a note in Press you can announce new launches and information of the website, so that the public is aware of your activities. This is the best medium to keep your memories alive in mind of customers.

Responsive Web Design

 The biggest boon that technology has given to the mankind is internet, and Mobile devices. Website development has travelled a long way. Accessing internet through mobile is comparatively is in nascent stage, but what the data is available, within a short span of time, accessing internet through mobile will overtake PC’s and laptops’. As maintaining and developing different websites for your personal computer as well as a variety of mobile devices is not that easy, there was need of some solution. Consequently through continuous efforts responsive Web Design was introduced, and the best advantage of this set up, is that it can design and develop websites for All types of screen sizes besides devices, giving an optimal experience at every possible size, and for every possible user.

Having a responsive website for your online venture, there are high conversion rates, as clients and customers are able to find your establishment as well as deals easily through their devices. At their ease these customers and clients through their tablets or any of the devices can make transactions of their choice, as a result your conversion increases. This gives enough reasons, to have responsive website design for your online business venture

Brand Story Telling                  

Telling a brand story is necessary To Engage and attract a loyal customer. Through brand story telling one can Make the customers aware of the purpose of your online presence.  If you are emotionally attached by your customers’ beyond the purpose of your online business, makes you a brand. So it is better to define as well as embrace the inside story of your motive, and make sure to be support your claims through the means of stories in the form of facts and figures besides the interpretations’. This makes the customers believe on you and your online presence.

Targeting and Personalization

It is better to keep a vigil eye on the traffic and be aware of the choices of the majority. Through the browsing history of the visitors keeps a tab on the latest trends going in the market.   This will give you an idea to revamp the stuff you have in your store. Apart from this, it will be better to send E-mail alerts as well as deals that are beneficial to the visitors as per their browsing history. In short if you will target the audience as per their browsing history, your conversation will increase four folds.