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UK Based Retailer makes a Winning eCommerce Website

Published: Mar 1, 2017  |   | 

UK Based Retailer makes a Winning eCommerce Website

Business trading online through the medium of Internet or how we particularly call it ‘eCommerce’ has been around the globe since the mid-90s. However, this technology has taken a strong momentum in the recent few years. Both, local and global entrepreneurs from every industry sector have diverted a large part of their business focus on developing ecommerce portals.

Today’s competitive business world, especially retail industry demands a mandatory online presence. This is specifically true for businesses wishing to reach more customers who are otherwise not possible to attract through conventional retailing. The early pioneers who listed their products and services online have achieved web success. Customers are sincerely devoted to these sites and have greatly enjoyed the benefits and ease of being able to shop products on e-commerce marketplaces from the comfort of their homes.With the increase in sales revenue of these companies, the desire for eCommerce solutions among both, large and small enterprises increased across the world.

With an ambition to transform digitally, John, a retailer of premium Golf equipment from the UK approached Silver Touch Technologies, a Webstore software specialist. Makingthefirst step toward digital realm, he wanted to build an eCommerce store integrated with his ERP system as he was already facing challenges in maintaining his operations manually.Integrating his eCommerce sales channels with ERP system would allowhim to operate more efficiently as a business. His main types of data such as order, inventory, customer, and shipping/tracking details – are communicated inone independent system.This would also eliminatethe need to manually enter data from one system to another.

ERP integrated eCommerce solution so proposed allowed John to easily manage new orders and fulfill them, regardless of the sale location. Products and pricing were effectively managed in one place, allowing him to have accurate and updated product information. To know more about the solution offered, watch the video below:

Why Silver Touch Technologies?

To be successful online, it is essentialto have efficient business management software in place.We at Silver Touch Technologies, aim at helping businesses from all over the world to reach their full potential.Our e-commerce solution leverages smart business logic and data in impactful and user-friendly web stores. It lets our clients focus on improving customer shopping experience, streamlining and automating sales processes, and increasing sales volume and frequency.

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