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2015’s Top 10 UX/UI Mobile App Design Trends

Published: Jul 15, 2015  |   | 

Top 10 UX/UI Mobile App Design
It’s the design that accelerates the sale of a mobile app. An intuitive design will definitely improve user experience, and increase the conversions. 2015 has closed in on some design trends that will pave its way to the future too. These design trends are here to stay, and you might want to adopt a few to enhance the likeability factor for your app. Let’s study a few trends that might give you an edge.

Exponential Rise in Platforms

There is a definite rise in the number of mobile devices as well as platform components. One can actually see a rise in the mobile products for individual manufacturers. Now, combine this with the different OS as well as the application development environments readily available, and then integrate it with internet of things. You will get a clear of idea of this exponential rise. You have n number of platform instances, and you need to offer a clear user experience across these different instances. Your app should be able to penetrate, and sustain aboard the different instances.

Tiled Navigation

Tiled navigation is definitely trending this year! Windows OS offers a tiled navigation interface which brings together a major chunk of content into varied blocks. This new trend will fit in perfectly with your responsive design needs, while giving the user the freedom to arrange the blocks of content.

Contextual to Platform

Interface consistency is a thing of the past. The new trend promises to offer experience contextual to a particular platform. A great variety of sensors have been devised which help understand user activity- where they are, what they are doing, and what their attention level is. In case, your user is looking for restaurants, the menu might indicate the one nearby. The interface will highlight the information you are looking for, while the ones you are not keen on will gain low priority

Flat UI Design

Come 2015 and users are looking out for simple designs that will offer high levels of consistency when it comes to UI. Subtle layering matched with amenable animation and gradients set out to offer a rich UI will lead to more conversions.

Full Screen Navigation

Gone are the days of traditional website designs. Now, your content will be delectably served to the users, in a way that will entice them. Clean, and large menu actions will definitely spark attention. This blaring design fits perfectly with the flat UI design.

Creating Apps with Personality

The trend is to give out more playful or casual apps that carry your image. No longer are the apps conservative in their appearances. Content for mobile apps has become more conversational. The pictures and colors are soothing, and aligned to the image you sport. Your apps have their own personality which improves their popularity.

Gesture Based Design

Designs are no longer restricted to touch; gestures are given more importance in mobile app designs. Swipe gestures are included in performing actions like delete, share etc. Gestures have definitely improved the mobile app user experience

Include Monoline Fonts

The monocline fonts are known for their single line thickness, which make them appealing when used in illustrations. It offers a simple, clean and defined look to the content on your mobile app. These fonts are aptly used in icon designs and illustrations.

Include Blur Effects

Including blur effects to your interface gives your app an extremely clean and simple look. The user can easily identify the different elements spaced out on the screen. This blends well with responsive themes.

Hidden Menu Functionality

If you have limited space on the screen, then the hidden menu functionality is definitely the trend you should adopt for your mobile app. With this you can create navigation drawers that possess an ability to slide as and when you call them in. The menus are defined to their contextual aspects, and they are drawn to the top when needed. This gives your design the space it needs on the different screens. Don’t forget to include these when designing your mobile app. This will improve the interface, and offer a rich experience to your users. These design trends are definitely here to stay for a while. Hiring the right mobile app developer will help you incorporate the trends in an innovative fashion. Semaphore Software, a leading mobile apps development company, offers expertise in designing and development of creative, intuitive and reliably simple mobile apps. You can get in touch with us via info@semaphore-software.com to get your own mobile app designed.