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Top Five Node.js Frameworks for Web and Mobile Apps in 2023

Published: Jan 18, 2022  |   | 

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Evolving technology has introduced many frameworks for developing feature-rich and robust web applications. Out of all available frameworks, Node.js frameworks have taken the developer community by storm. These frameworks are capable of meeting the complex and diverse business needs of modern enterprises. In this article, we are going to see the top five frameworks based on their popularity for Node.js development along with their benefits.

Top Frameworks for Node.js Development
As per the recent Node.js user survey report, 4 out of 5 back-end and full-stack developers prefer Node.js for their projects. This report shows the increasing popularity of Node.js frameworks. Though Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment or platform to execute the code on the server-side and make it portable. Frameworks are useful in building functions in Node.js development.

Talking about the types, Node.js frameworks are mainly categorized into three types- MVC, REST API, and Full-stack MVC frameworks. Here we have included the five most popular Node.js with characteristics of addressing the complex Node.js development requirements in 2023 and beyond. All these and other frameworks can assist companies to reduce development costs and enhance the app’s performance.

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1. Express.js- It is a minimalist and unquestionably the most popular MVC framework with over 43,000 Github stars. Also known as Express, this framework is one of the major components of MEAN Stack technology for web development. It is considered as the de facto standard for the Node.js platform under the MIT license.

Express has a simple learning curve and developers with a basic understanding of Node.js development and programming skills can work on it. Express possesses fast and asynchronous architecture with a single-threaded nature. Because of this, developers can execute multiple operations independently of each other. It is capable of providing an enjoyable experience across web and mobile domains thanks to improved communication between the client and server.

2. Meteor.js- This framework is in the second position with over 40,000 Github stars. It is useful for developing real-time chat and other large-scale applications. It offers a full-stack solution to developers and propagates automatic data changes. As a result, clients can get data changes without the help of developers. What’s more, Meteor.js or Meteor is compatible with Android, iOS platforms for mobile devices and desktop apps.
Comprehensive libraries, smooth data running between the client and server, and robust testing features are some of the excellent features of Meteor. It has extensive community support with easy integration capability with other frameworks.

3. Socket.io-  It is basically a JavaScript library framework for developing real-time apps. It can effectively establish bidirectional communication between servers and web clients. When it comes to developing apps with a WebSocket requirement, Socket.io is highly useful. For example, WhatsApp-like chat applications run continuously with live updates and keep their background process refreshing for updates or new messages. Also, Socket.io offers real-time analytics in less code.

This library framework has useful features like error detection and auto-correction. Node.js development companies use this framework for building chat room applications, video conferencing apps, and games with multiplayer functionality. This framework is highly reliable and offers auto-reconnection support.

4. Sails.js- It is a modernized MVC framework that can auto-generate REST APIs. It resembles the architecture pattern of Ruby on Rails and offers excellent support for data-oriented web development. It is compatible with all major databases available and therefore, the most suitable framework to build high-end applications.

Sails is basically a lightweight, frontend-agnostic-backend platform. It uses Express to handle HTTP requests and Socket.io for WebSockets. Developers can share the same API used by another development team or web service provider with ease. It further saves time and effort while enabling companies to save big on the web app development cost. Sails also offer ORM (Object Relational Mapping) for better framework compatibility with available databases.

5. Nest.js- It is a progressive Node.js framework, which is useful for building dynamic and scalable applications for modern enterprises. It offers complete flexibility to developers with extensive libraries. Nest.js is useful for building multi-layered enterprise web apps because it enables developers to use extensive libraries. Though it is built with Typescript, a subset of JavaScript, it can maintain the code complexity of large-scale applications. What’s more, Nest also offers seamless integration with other frameworks like Fastify and Express.

This framework is the best combination of object-oriented and FRP (Functional Reactive Programming) to enhance the developer’s productivity and improve the app’s performance while saving time. FRP can simply complex GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) in games and robotics apps. Nest has a smooth learning curve and easy-to-use external libraries.

Here we have included the most popular Node.js frameworks for building enterprise-level web and mobile apps. However, it is better to consult a reputed Node.js development company to find the most suitable framework for your web app project. The right framework can enable you to leverage all the benefits of Node.js in the best possible way while meeting your business requirements effectively.

Also, don’t forget to pat yourself on the back on choosing Node.js as your backend platform… look at some biggies built with Node.js.

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