Top 10 Android Apps in 2015

Published: Jan 7, 2016  |   | 

Top 10 Android Apps in 2015
As we are nearing the end of another beautiful year, we cannot ignore the way Android apps development has evolved. Numerous new apps have made their way through the Google play store. While some fizzled out, others created a mark for themselves. Here, we shall take a look at the top 10 Android apps for 2015. We haven’t gone by mere download figures that would throw up the same apps year after year but listed apps that have truly caused an impact on users in 2015.


Hulu Android App If you wish to transform your phone or tablet into a TV, Hulu is the app for you. The free service allows you to browse through thousands of TV shows from around the world. The app offers both free and subscription based access. Get it Now

Google Santa Tracker 2015

Google Santa Tracker 2015 android app With Christmas nearing, this list would remain incomplete without the mention of this app. With different games and other interactive features, this app makes tracking Santa fun.


Cortana Android App A wonderful addition to Google Play, this baby from the Microsoft stable is one of the best digital personal assistants. From getting alerts to location reminders, you can put this app to a variety of use. Get it Now

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud Android App After its success on iOS, Adobe Creative Cloud made its entry on the Android platform. It includes Photoshop Mix, Color CC, Brush CC and Shape CC and offers you amazing designing and image editing options. Get it Now


Pintasking Android App If you are facing problems while using multiple apps simultaneously and wantan Alt-Tab like shortcut on your Android device, this one’s for you. With this, you can pin apps to the screen and switch between them.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Android App Another one those much needed additions to Android ecosystem, this app takes your productivity to newer heights. You can also choose to install Microsoft’s Word, PowerPoint and Excel apps individually if you want.


AmpMe Android App This is for the party animals, as this app allows you to create a multi-speaker environment using your phone and those of others nearby. You can now party on the beach or create a rock show on the rooftop without additional speakers. Get it Now


Pennyowl Android App Train your kids to be financially savvy using this app that allows age-appropriate content, teaching kids and young adults the fundamentals of spending and saving. You would control the feed of the content shown to the child.


Pocket Android App Every day you come across articles, videos and other stuff that you would like to look at a later time. This app simplifies this as it pockets or saves them for later perusal. It is easy to find things even when you have a heavy pocket! Get it Now If you are searching for an Android app development company that would create new opportunities for your business in the coming year, we at Semaphore Software offer you exemplary services to take your business ahead of your competitors. For any doubts and queries write to us at