Top 5 Reasons Why Mobile Apps are imperative for Businesses in 2015

May 19, 2015 Published by: Disha Kakkad

Mobile Application for business
Mobile apps have become an integral part of most of the businesses now; be it a small sized business or a big venture. This is due to a rise in the demand of mobile apps among Smartphone’s users. A business can easily reach its customers by building its own mobile apps. The purpose of a mobile app is to contact your customers directly, which is not possible through a website. In case you are not sure why you need a dedicated mobile app for your business, let us look at the reasons why you should be going down this path in 2015!

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement The top most reason for having a mobile app for your business is to engage a large number of Smartphone’s users. People carry their phones wherever they go and to be connected to them 24/7, a mobile app is essential. A website can’t notify the customers every time, a mobile app can. You will be able to deliver your message to them effectively at any point of time even when they are at work, saloon or gym! Thus mobile app can keep your customers engaged in real time.

Broader Reach

Broader-Reach Developing an app for your business can help you to reach a large number of customers. Due to a large audience using Smartphone’s and Tablets in recent times, you will be able to reach many new customers. A lot of users will be able to find you via a generic search in mobile app stores. You can even integrate major social networks with your mobile app to widen the reach of your business.

Competitive Environment

Competitive Environment Your business needs a mobile app to stay competitive, as a lot of businesses already have a mobile app. You will otherwise be slow to the market and will miss the opportunity of tapping the huge market of Smartphone’s users. Customers these days want a mobile experience and if your business doesn’t provide one, they will go to your competitors.

Brand Recognition & Promotion

Brand Recognition & Promotion A mobile app can really be helpful to your business to create brand awareness among people. Customers will notice you, start knowing you and gradually get inclined to buy your products or services. Mobile app also contributes to promoting your brand effectively. You can easily send push notifications of interesting offers and discounts to your customers, encouraging them to buy your products & services. Through alerts you can remind your customers about your products & services whenever necessary and even notify them of the new arrivals.



The purpose to set up a business is to earn revenues and mobile apps will give a boost to your sales and enhance revenues. Many businesses avoid developing mobile apps for their business considering the cost factor. It is important to understand that having a mobile app will be advantageous to you in the long run. It will improve your ROI gradually.

You can even earn revenues through various monetization options available in the mobile app stores like in-app advertising or in-app purchasing.

Many businesses already have their mobile app, as they understand that it is going to be a standard component of any business in the future. Mobile industry is booming, and your business needs a mobile app to survive the competition, rather than relying only on your websites and other marketing efforts. The businesses that will transform their processes using mobility are going to climb the success ladder in 2015!

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