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Tips to Hire the Perfect Zend Developer for Your Business

Published: Jan 4, 2016  |   | 

Hire Zend Developer for Your Business
If you are looking to develop applications, few frameworks would match the scalability and versatility of Zend. This open source, object oriented framework supports multiple database including MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server. To get the best out of your project you need to hire a professional developer. The following tips will help you hire Zend developerso that you can easily realize your dreams.

Hire Slow

It is often said that you should hire slow. Never rush through the hiring process as it can lead to mistakes. You need to take your time to conduct a complete background check on the developer. Never hire an agency without interviewing the developer or the team who would be working on your project. Don’t ask vague questions but stick to the subject area as this will allow you to judge their knowledge about the framework and also how they would be able to apply this in your project.

Spot Hunger

While most people would talk about experience and expertise, you need to look for hunger in the developer. Are they passionate about developing new apps? Can you sense the determination and curiosity in their DNA? In today’s world, technology changes at the blink of an eye, hence you shouldn’t be working with someone who is satisfied by status quo. The developer with the right attitude and aptitude can learn newer technologies and stay abreast with the changes. The developer or the company should have the drive to create something new that arouses the desire and emotions in the end user of your app.

Start With A Small Project

Before you hand over a large application development project it is always better to try out their expertise with a small project. If you don’t have a small project to judge their ability, give them a small problem and ask them to come up with a solution. This will help you assess their expertise and see how they mitigate risks that are associated with handing a large and complex project.

Ask for Feedback

Never make the selection process a one-way communication. Since, you would be discussing your project with the developers before you hire them, ask for their feedback and queries. Most seasoned developers would offer you feedback that would help in improvising your idea and in making it better. Also, queries raised by the potential candidate may often put important questions in the fore and determine the weak points in your planning process. These tips will lead you to the right developer who will suit your requirements. If you wish to hire a Zend programmer in India, we at Semaphore Software will offer you the best solutions at competitive price. We are a team of passionate developers looking to make the best out of challenges. To hear more from us and know the opportunities drop us an email at info@semaphore-software.com.