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How Technology Helps You Be More Productive

Published: Jul 11, 2016  |   | 

How Technology Helps You Be More Productive
There was a time when people had to maintain records manually, using record and log books. In fact, a lot of data was analyzed manually, and insights were developed using this manually recorded data. Today, a lot of companies involved with strategic planning use technology in order to pace up the whole process of data collection, cleaning and analysis for quick results. Technology for an entrepreneur means effective and efficient results with increased productivity. As a CEO of a top organization, you need to consider each and every mail forwarded to you important. This can become cumbersome if you have not separated really important mails that need quick answer from those that can be responded to at a later time in the day. Technology can assist you in making conversations quick and effective, without really investing too much time into it. There is a thin line of demarcation between helpful and distraction as far as technology is concerned. Choosing the right technology assistants and combining it with effective planning will help you attain productivity. Here’s how everyone from the top management to the middle line can increase their productivity by using the right technology.

Chat Tools for Better Collaboration

Chat technology helps instant communication and increased collaboration between the different teams. With the ideal chat tool, your employees can focus on the common goal and share the progress. Let’s take slack’s example- your team can seek help when needed with this tool. This tool helps the team share progress, talk about the issues faced and resolve them at the very minute. This helps increase the pace of the project, and finish it within the stipulated time. Decisions are taken on the spot, thus avoiding decisions to be converted to meeting discussions, and keeping control of the entire project.

Project Management Tools for Empowered Employees

Your employees stay motivated when they are both accountable and empowered. Use project management tools like Trello so that the different teams are aware of the tasks allotted to them, and the deliverables as well. They need to send out feedback on the work done, as well as the tasks left at the end of the day, and this accountability is not forced on the employees. Empowered employees can take their decisions on time and in an informed manner, which affects productivity in a positive manner. The whole pace of project improves with the appropriate tools.

Sharing Tools for Immediate Decisions

While meetings are good to resolve major issues, too many meetings can make your employees inefficient. The meeting scheduled to bring an end to a particular issue can end up in too many arguments or, can have the workforce deviate from the main topic. In case of remote working, the meetings need to be precise and to the point. Document sharing and other sharing tools can help increase the accessibility to information, thus reducing the need for discussion on every single point. Remote employees can contribute effectively with document sharing. The team efforts pace up, and meetings are needed only in certain specific situations.

Tools to Automate Repetitive Tasks

It’s time to automate certain basic and repetitive tasks where the employee spends most of their time. This time can be better used in projects, task completion and teamwork. Meeting reminders, minutes sharing, document sharing, time tracking etc. can be automated easily with these tools. Emails can be segregated by easy to use tools such that certain emails are marked important and others are automatically segregated for the other unproductive hour of the day. This way more tasks get accomplished by the employee, and they are happier and more motivated. Their productivity inspires them to work better and harder, and their quality of life gets improved massively. Semaphore Software aces in project management and quick project delivery. With agile methodology, we aspire to reduce turnaround time for project delivery, and ensure you get the much needed edge over your competition. Get in touch with us at info@semaphore-software.com to know about our services.