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8 Key Elements to a Successful Enterprise Mobility Strategy

Published: Jul 29, 2015  |   | 

Successful Enterprise Mobility Strategy
BYOD and Enterprise mobility are concepts that are causing a definitive change in the way you consume technology and perform at your work. Mobility isn’t just about running a remote center; it involves connecting, storing, retrieving and accessing your data in a very unconventional manner. With internet of things joining the IT jog, you will find a untapped need for freedom of access meeting the convenience and ease requirements. While mobility has been ringing in more users, security is an issue that you will need to address when developing a strategy for your mobility solutions. When developing a strategy you will need to deliver good user experience, offer complete security, giving excellent IT operations, while offering ease and convenience. Here are 10 key elements that you should consider when deriving an enterprise mobility strategy.

Protect Data that Matters

An individual would consume multiple devices simultaneously, thus making the security structure very complex for the enterprise. When strategizing enterprise mobility, you should ideally take into consideration the data that really concerns your business. In general, there are four enterprise mobility models- Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Hypervisors and Containers, Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Application & Desktop Virtualization.

Consider User Experience

You should always think in terms of user experience when deriving a mobility strategy. After all, your end goal is to meet the user’s requirements and give them what they truly desire in technology form. This would require a survey or understanding of the users’ demands from technology. Customization offerings in apps and other formats of data would help improve user experience. Self service provision in the different technology formats would empower the users and thus improve experience. Easy switching, automatic controls, and well defined functionality contribute towards the user experience. You will need to consider these elements when defining your strategy.

Evade Quadruple Bypass

Imagine a BYOD user with a regular device entering into the enterprise cloud and reading into significantly sensitive data. Now, this situation can make your IT solution lose its head and control completely. While this offers convenience, it also highlights issues with security. This situation is the quadruple bypass, and can be only just avoided by strict IT policies combined with proper education. But, a secure infrastructure matched by well designed user experience can combat security issues better.

Service Delivery Strategy

When designing your enterprise mobility strategy, you will need to concentrate on service delivery strategy. Most mobile users are dependent on a wide range of apps; from windows apps to SaaS based apps. Your strategy needs to consider this wide mix, and consider a strategy that can access these apps using your mobile device. The four techniques to access apps on mobile devices include native device experience, virtual access, and containerized experience and finally fully managed enterprise experience. It is up to you to which of these experiences will suit your service delivery needs.

Automate IT Experience

If you have automated IT, you are sure to deliver an excellent experience to your users. Offer complete transparency and security through automated apps and networking structure. The apps reconfigure automatically sensing the location, network or the situation in which they have been accessed. This is just one dimension of automation. In case, an employee changes roles in the organization, the relevant apps should be installed to his device; this level of automation will help improve enterprise mobility, structure the organization and employees and offer an extensive experience. An active directory method will help this level of automation. Link the specific role to a container. A person defined to that role will automatically inherit the container along with the settings and privileges associated with it.

Secure Sensitive Data

With mobility, you can offer to protect the data selectively, depending on the sensitivity and importance of the data. The data is classified into three categories in most cases- public, confidential and restricted, and the available data is then segregated into these three categories. This simple model takes into consideration data classification and device type. You can even add device platform, location and user role as additional specifications into the model to define security levels for the sensitive data. You can configure the network access for confidential as well as restricted data; you will be able to capture the relevant information on how people use the data, so that you can easily assess the effectiveness of your model.

Make your Solutions Compliant

Most organizations forget to include security, privacy related standards and regulations to their mobility solutions when defining the strategy. You have certain requirements that you need to fulfill. Apart from that, you will need to work on documenting the compliance as well as preparing it for audits. All mobile devices and platforms should support seamless compliance keeping in mind government mandates.

Stay Prepared for Internet of Things

Enterprise mobility will change in the coming times. The face of connectivity will change with the arrival of internet of things. When this will combine with the newer and faster devices, it is surely going to need a well defined strategy. When conceiving a strategy for enterprise mobility solution, don’t forget to include internet of things. You need to define a strategy that will encompass the user experience needs combined with the security requirements. BYOD is a concept that needs to be considered when strategizing, so that you can consider the different devices as well as the accessibility when strategizing. Semaphore Software is a leading Enterprise Mobile App Development Company that offers a well defined strategy considering security and BYOD needs. Get in touch with us through info@semaphore-software.com to gather more information on the same.