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Social Media Best Practices for Enterprises

Published: Sep 8, 2016  |   | 

Social Media Best Practices for Enterprises
The changing dynamics of business operations have made it mandatory for enterprises to look beyond traditional methods of marketing. Today every business needs to have a full-proof marketing strategy that allows them to reach out to more people and put across their message effectively.Reaching out to people within your target audience is a challenge, which requires the appropriate medium and the relevant content. If you are keen to have a comprehensive marketing strategy, you simply cannot ignore the importance of social media marketing. The fact that on an average about 74% of adults spend 3 or more hours per day on social media says a lot about its growing importance.It is not only a good platform to shout out loud, but also ensures to reach to the audience relevant to your business. Keeping up with latest social media trends and making the most of online reputation management tips will help you maximize your reach, and increase brand visibility. There are some best practices in devising a social media strategy, which will help you make the most of social media. Read on to know some of the social media best practice that every business should incorporate

Know How Social Media Can Help You

Even before you begin with social media marketing, you have to know why you want it. Defining goals that highlight how social media is going to help you is important. Set goals that can be measured. Remember social media marketing is more than gathering likes, retweets and followers. Some of the common goals enterprises set include building brand awareness, gaining new customers, improving customer service & customer engagement.

Use Relevant Social Media Platforms

While you are at liberty of choosing social media platforms to promote your business, it is important that you choose one that suits your business needs and helps achieve the set business goals. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedInmay be the obvious choices for social media activity but, you need to make an informed decision about using other platforms such as Instagram and Tumblr. Moreover you must take into account the fact that social media activity is a time consuming affair and marketing in more platforms means dedicating more time. Do you have that time?

Branding On Social Media Platforms

Once you understand how social media can help your business, you need to find ways to effectively use them. Uniformity plays a key role in successful social media campaigning. From uniform logos and taglines, company description to maintaining the tone and language in different platforms, you have to brand your enterprise thoughtfully.

Stress on Posting Quality Content

While being visible on social media platforms is important, it is vital to stress on quality content. You should not compromise on quality for the sake of quantity. Quality content will mean meeting your customer expectation successfully. While promotional content is necessary, your content must also increase customer engagement.

Assessing Analytics on Social Media

If you cannot measure the effect of your social media campaign then, the entire exercise will be pretty useless. That is why analytics is very important. You must monitor your social media activity on a weekly basis and assess customer engagement. With the help of analytics you can also see whether your goals and objectives are being achieved.

Check What Competitors Are Doing

It is a good practice to see how your competitors are using social media platforms to leverage their businesses. Though it may be a time-consuming exercise, it will definitely prove to be a fruitful one.You can find out how customers are reacting to posts, tweets and updates. You can also get an idea about how frequently you should post on such platforms.

Have Patience

Social media campaigning isn’t rocket science yet, you need to have patience to see success. It takes time to find followers, build loyalty and gain trust on social media. It takes even more time to nurture the relationship and turn followers into consumers. If you want to see success with your social media strategy, be patient.

Cater To Local Consumers

If your business has a physical address and customers can reach your address, it is a good idea to use social media to reach these people. You should have targeted content that appeals to the customers and brings them to your store. You can also use social media to lure such customers by offering them incentives upon visiting your store.

Be Interactive

Social media is all about interaction. There is hardly any scope for one-way communication here. It should be your strategy to always be interactive on various social media platforms. Do everything – from live Q&A to running day-long competition to show your customers that you are around and customers can reach you anytime they want. Social media can be very helpful in online reputation management. You need experts who have worked in promoting businesses on social media. Semaphore Software is one of the leading offshore companies having expertise in social media marketing. You can get in touch with us to know more. Write to us at info@semaphore-software.com.