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Silver Touch Offers Free Magento Extensions for Better eCommerce Experience

Published: Feb 23, 2016  |   | 

Silver Touch offers free Magento Extensions
Magento is considered to be one of the most popular CMS tool for e-commerce due to its attractive features and characteristics. The extensions added to it enhance the performance of the solution developed. Silver Touch Technologies has e-commerce domain experience of ten years and have successfully developed 31 extensions in accordance with the Magento standards. The developed extensions are compatible with the latest versions of Magento and are easily available for download. As a promotional campaign Silver Touch has made following extensions free for developers to use in building their e-commerce websites.

Cart Popup

This extension shows the items that have been selected for purchase, at the top right side of the header. Users will be able to see the recently added items and remove unwanted items from the shopping cart as per their requirement. Download it, IT’S FREE!

Cross Sell

Additional to the already existing extension that allows managing cross-sell products, this extension also lets the admin to set the cross-sell products for a particular time period or for customers of only a particular location. It allows cross-sell products to be displayed on both front end as well as back end. Download it, IT’S FREE!

Prolog Logistic Integration

This extension gives the facility of integrating the inventory and order data with Prolog Logistic software. The orders placed through Magento are transferred to the Prolog logistic software for processing. The status of the processed orders will be synchronized with Magento for customers to know the status of their orders. Download it, IT’S FREE!

Search by Multiple Keywords

Multiple keyword search text-area allows users to search products by entering multiple keywords either separated by comma or by pressing enter key. Users will be able to navigate to the desired page by clicking on the multiple search results obtained. Download it, IT’S FREE!

Stock Inventory Management

This extension lets the administrator to update the product stock manually or automatically by importing the .csv file. Once the CSV file is imported, the file will be moved to the backup folder and these backup files will help in tracing the product quantity whenever required.


AuthorizeCIM permits the user to store the customer’s payment information on secure servers using PCI compliant method. It is used as one of the payment methods in Magento. With every payment, unique transaction ID is created that is helpful in making payments, refunds or partial refunds.

Dynamic Layered Navigation

This extension allows users to navigate through the page by scrolling up and down. Different styles and designs are available for implementing Dynamic Layered Navigation.

Deal Banner

The Deal Banner allows the administrator to set their own messages or product details at the top of the page in form of a banner. The banner can contain images as well as videos. This extension allows the banner to be displayed for a particular product category or for a particular period of time. If you are looking for a Magento development company, write to us at info@semaphore-software.com and there is a lot we can offer you. The Free Extension Offer is available for limited period only.