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Boost Sales on Magento Store by Silver Cross Sell & Silver Up Sell

Published: Nov 23, 2015  |   | 

Magento Cross sell & Up Sell Extension
In the era of online commerce, the merchants are using various marketing strategies to bring up their sales graph. But the oldest trick in the trade is still relevant, it is a proved fact that even today 38% of business comes through Cross Sell & Up Sell of products.

What is Cross Sell?

Cross Sell is a marketing strategy to encourage or lure the customers to buy additional (relevant) items along with the purchase. eg: When a customer is buying a mobile phone we can suggest him to purchase earphone, mobile cover or memory card etc.

What is Up Sell?

Up Sell is quite different from Cross Sell, it is a strategy to upgrade the customer’s existing purchase by offering him a little expensive product from his current selection to increase purchase order. eg: When a customer is buying a mobile phone of price 10k we can suggest mobile phone whose pricing would likely be around 12k. Magento, the most trusted and successful e-commerce platform offers these features as default functionality. The predefined features have certain limitations in channelizing the products into more organized way like targeting specific zone, for a specific time period or varying its display. To overcome these limitations it is recommended to use Silver Cross Sell & Silver Up Sell extensions.

What is Silver Cross Sell & Silver Up Sell?

Silver Cross Sell and Silver Up Sell are two distinct Magento Extensions with multipurpose functionalities that enhance the core Magento Cross Sell & Up Sell features. These extensions allow the online store administrator to add multiple products with ease. Along with facility to configure the product display based on the demographic parameters and time. Silver Cross Sell and Up Sell are highly compatible with Magento Community Edition version 1.4 to 1.9.

Right time to integrate Silver Cross Sell & Silver Up Sell?

  • When target audience are from different geographical locations.
  • To promote products are in trends based on demographics.
  • To sell wide range of products for specific occasion, season or event.

Highlights of the Silver Cross & Up Sell Extensions

  • Set up Cross Sell & Up Sell for various geographical locations.
  • Manage season/event wise Cross Sell & Up Sell
  • Manage title and description for Cross Sell and Up Sell section with ease
  • Configure display mode for numerous products

Key Strategies for using Silver Cross Sell & Up Sell

  • Value added customer service
  • Relations need to be very specific & familiar to the original sale
  • Limit the hike of sale to Maximum of 25% for Up sale
  • Implement with proper research and planning
Silver Cross Sell & Silver Up Sell

Benefits of Silver Cross & Up Sell Extension

  • Options made available in accordance with customers’ perception to bring up positive sales
  • Suggesting in accordance to customer’s perception bring up positive sales
  • Higher conversion rate with demographic statistics
  • Value addition to customer’s purchase
  • Encouraging seasonal sale
  • Configurable UI (text, display mode etc.) to attract customers
  • Easy marketing option to increase sales
Just look into your daily life scenarios
“How many more French fries does a Burger Deli sell every day by simply asking, “Would you like fries with your burger?”
“You buy medium popcorn, and the employee explains that for only a dollar more, you’ll get double the popcorn”
Silver Cross Sell & Up Sell extensions provide great flexibility beyond the Magento’s default functionality. It has been a great help for the Magento stores to improve product marketing and sale. Growing competition in ecommerce market has bought up several solution providers offering rich & quality features. Among all, Magento web shop is holding a greater share with over half a million websites. It offers extensive e-commerce features and along with it houses a large number of extensions adding to its flexibility. Magento open source also provide various promotional features which helps the store owners to put an impressive sales on the e-commerce market. Get it @ Cross Sell: http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/cross-sell.html http://www.silvertouch.com/MagentoExtensions/silver-cross-sell-magento-extension.html Up Sell: http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/up-sell-products.html http://www.silvertouch.com/MagentoExtensions/silver-upsell-magento-extension.html