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5 Distinct Document Management Features of SharePoint for Organizations

Published: Feb 22, 2016  |   | 

Document Management Features of SharePoint for Organizations

With vast information being accumulated in organizations, managing the information efficiently and effectively is very necessary. SharePoint is a secure solution that can be used to store, access, share and organize this information. SharePoint from Microsoft was initially designed as a DMS (Document Management System) and is now widely used by small and large organization after its launch as a package of Office365. Document Management controls the entire cycle of creating, reviewing and managing documents in an organization. Various SharePoint tools allow the enterprise to keep the life cycle of the document under their control according to their organizational goals.

Following are 5 most distinct features that prove SharePoint to be efficient in managing documents and information in organizations.

Multi-user Collaboration and Co-authoring

SharePoint allows multiple users to work at the same time on the same document. Members of a team can work on the document simultaneously using desktop or Web Apps (on both Windows & Mac). With this feature, users need not wait for the other user to share the document for access.


With the rapidly growing number of folders and nested subfolders, locating single files stored, updated and moved by several users becomes cumbersome. By using the feature of metadata functionality of SharePoint, one can design a metadata structure for the libraries to easily search the stored documents.


SharePoint allows users to share inside as well as outside the organization. By using the in-built Share command, users can share and let their coworkers to read or edit their copy of the file. The external sharing feature of SharePoint Online allows users to share their documents with vendors or customers outside the organization.


This software enables users to apply security at sites, subsites and document library levels. All the security conditions and permissions implemented at the sites are used to all the information that comes with it. It protects the data from users who do not have access to them, thereby securing the data. The search results are also filtered according to accessibility and set conditions for different users.

Multiple Views

SharePoint owns a feature of having multiple views on the same set of documents. This added feature of SharePoint is not available in Windows. It allows the administrator to set the accessibility of the data. The public views allow access to all authenticated users while the private views allow access to selected users only.

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