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SAP Meets Microsoft Cloud to Revamp Digital Transformations

Published: May 18, 2016  |   | 

SAP Meets Microsoft Cloud to Revamp Digital Transformations
Microsoft Corp. and SAP SE have been working collaboratively for some time. The partnership strengthens as they decide to unite in the cloud. They came together a couple of years ago and have now started working together to allow SAP’s HANA applications to take advantage of the Microsoft’s Azure platform. Both the companies have linked up their software products to make it easy for the businesses to make use of applications. This collaboration allows SAP’s HANA database and S/4 HANA applications to run on the Microsoft’s Azure cloud. It will let the users of Microsoft run SAP software and applications without the need of installing it separately on their servers. Also, employees working on Microsoft’s Office 365 suite will have options to manage expenses and plan trips using SAP’s Concur software directly with the help of MS Outlook. Moreover, it will also link Microsoft’s Office 365 to various other SAP applications like Fieldglass, Ariba, SuccessFactors, etc. Microsoft is in competition with Amazon Web Services that offers services to allow developers to run SAP HANA in the public cloud. Microsoft supports more memory, i.e. 3TB on a single HANA case as compared to that of Amazon’s that allows only 2TB memory for a single node. Microsoft aims at providing better web services by adding more external programs and Outlook Add-Ins to its Azure service, which will help enterprises enhance the software performance and amplify business functions. SAP HANA on Azure will help companies to move their on-premise apps to the cloud more efficiently and flexibly. The overall cost savings of the enterprises will be improved and the outreach of the software and applications will also be revamped. This association also focuses on enhancing the security and management systems for the organizations. SAP integrations will make the work of Office 365 users easier and help the employees get their work done quickly and smoothly. Enterprises have already started using SAP on Azure, and it has provided them greater scalability and security in running HANA applications. Employees will now be able to use SAP tools to accomplish common tasks without leaving their customary Microsoft environment. Microsoft in collaboration with SAP aims at authorizing organizations in advancing digital transformations and thereby boosting business productivity. This integration is likely to be available to users in the third quarter of this year. Semaphore Software has seen considerable success in catering to customers’ needs by providing promising cloud-based app development solutions. We are a leading .Net Development Company and SAP Business One Partner India that will know your business concerns and help you in meeting all your requisites. Contact us at info@semaphore-software.com to learn about the possibilities.