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Importance of ERP Solution in Enterprises

Published: Jul 28, 2015  |   | 

Importance of ERP in Enterprises
Today each and every company is looking for advancement using technological advantage and wants to achieve higher market share. For employees it is a tough job to manage key business operations due to complex and difficult processes due to technological constraints of software and IT infrastructure availability. The enterprises put the burden and pressure on their employees, which results in stress, High Employee attrition, employee demoralization and loss of productivity. If the business functions are smooth and well-integrated, the problems would be resolved with ease and solutions would be easy to come by. By capitalizing little money in the right ERP system, enterprise can change the outcome into a high business productivity and growth mantra. Today we will discuss about challenges faced by the Employees and Enterprise in their daily business operations, how it impacts the overall business growth, and how an effective ERP Solution can overcome these challenges efficiently and with desired performance?

Challenges Faced by Employees:

  • Difficulties in managing key business processes like Sales, Purchase, Service, Manufacturing, Accounting, Inventory, Customer Relationship (CRM) etc.
  • Employees’ could be demoralized, which leads to high employee attrition ratio.
  • Hectic task to manage documents.
  • To make necessary reports with precise data.
  • If the enterprise deals in more than one business, then it is difficult task to handle all the processes simultaneously independent from one another.

Outcomes of the Challenges Faced By Employees:

  • Less productivity.
  • Employees can’t focus on their work.
  • Due to lack of focus in work, they won’t be able to achieve strategic goals.
  • Lower Reputation in market.

Challenges Faced by Enterprises:

  • Communication and co-ordination gap.
  • Difficulties in process and operation management.
  • Lack of transparency in working environment.
  • Mess of manual work.
  • No automation in processes.
  • Facing problems in audit and inspection due to lack of accurate reports.
  • Unavailability of precise statistical data and needful reports.
  • Due to lack of managing data (tight integration), resulting in duplication of work.

Outcomes of the Challenges Faced by Enterprises:

  • Due to inefficiency in communication and co-ordination enterprises have to lose clients.
  • Difficulties in process and operation management, which leads to less productivity.
  • Spending more time in unproductive work.
  • Reputation in market and market share may drops.
  • Increase in rejection ratio.
  • Customer satisfaction level goes downwards.
  • Fails in achieving market needs, which leads to negative impact in sales revenue.
Now, we come to the solution part why and How ERP solution can overcome these challenges? Yes, ERP solution will overcome these challenges, but only ERP solution is enough? No, it is necessary to choose right ERP solution. Here again question rises, which one is the right ERP solution? Confused!!!….Here it is: The SAP Business One ONLY SAP BUSINESS ONE SOLUTION CAN MAKE IT POSSIBLE TO RUN AND MANAGE BUSINESS SMOOTHLY

Why the SAP Business One is the Only Solution?

SAP Business One Success Story

SAP Business One Success Story

SAP Business One Solution includes Core Modules like:

SAP Business one is complete, integrated and customizable ERP solution which provides complete visibility in Business functions and operations. It captures all the information and gives the immediate access to real time information. SAP Business One solution offers core modules like:
  • Administration
  • Financials
  • Opportunities
  • Sales A/R
  • Purchase A/P
  • Business Partners
  • Banking
  • Inventory
  • Resources
  • Production
  • MRP
  • Service
  • Human Resource
  • Reports

SAP Business One Solution Features like:

SAP Business One Solution


Manage all financial transactions like general ledger, accounting set up and maintenance, journal entries, foreign currency adjustments, multi-dimensional cost centers, and budgets.

Bank Transactions

It takes care of financial processes such as advance payments, bank transfers receipts, deposits, credit card payments, and bank reconciliation.

Inventory Control

Manages inventory levels, warehouse inventory manage, warehouse transactions, Bin location management, price lists, special pricing agreements as well as batching and serial number management.


Manage supplier/vendor transactions for issuing purchase quotations and Purchase orders, updates inventory, handling goods return, calculating landing costs for imports, credits and processing payments.


Easily create quotations, sales orders, manage deliveries, updates inventory balances, and manage all invoices and accounts receivables.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Control all the information on customers and suppliers including profiles, contact summaries, account balances, and sales pipeline analysis.


Allow to manage bill of material and production process to the enterprises.

Materials Requirements Planning (MRP)

Handle material requirements in the manufacturing process. Helps production planners to manage and schedule materials for make or buy decision based on the various planning scenarios.


Manages service activities starts from service agreements to close the enquiry.

Analytics and Reporting

SAP analytics and reporting feature provides data visualizations. That provides business insights with real time information reports, graphical representation, charts which helps in decision making and future planning. SAP crystal Dashboard and SAP Lumira are tools used for the data visualization.

The Cockpit

Role Based – Cockpit

  • Predefined User role based cockpit will provide user to check daily Operational and Analytical Data.
  • Improved GUI with HTML 5, which is very much User Friendly.
  • Available in Mobile, Tablets etc.
  • User has right to rearrange, edit, and delete widgets from the widget Gallery.

KPI – Key Performance Indicators

  • SAP gives predefined as well as customized Analytic designer
  • In KPI definition you can define parameters, goals, filters etc.
  • KPI Widget will allow user to view Business status.
  • User has right to rearrange, edit, and delete widgets from the widget Gallery.
As we all know every business is having different business processes. The SAP Business One provides the flexibility in whether it is at your premise or on cloud. You can also use it while travelling with SAP Business One Mobile application. As the SAP Business One can run on MS SQL Server and SAP HANA [In-Memory solution] both platforms, Enterprises can choose the best solution as per their organization’s need. SAP Business One allows to integrate third party tools like, customized add-ons , SAP R/3, SAP Lumira etc. What’s more your employees want as your business grows you can customize and boost SAP Business One solution to meet your business needs.

SAP Business One: Business Benefits

  • Increase Business Revenue.
  • Reduces unnecessary costs.
  • Improves Customer satisfaction Ratio.
  • Improves overall efficiency.
  • Clear, real-time and instantaneous business insights.
  • SAP Business One Mobility – SAP offers its mobile application for iOS and Android.
  • Integrated solution – Complete integrated solution for business operations.
  • Real Time Data – Complete visibility with real time data.
  • Transparency – Process visualization provides transparency.
  • Dynamic -Is for dynamically growing businesses.
  • Customized – Manage customized business processes.
  • Controlling – Control complex business process flows using conditions.
  • Monitor and control – Monitor and control business processes.
  • Integration with External System – Integrate SAP B1 to external systems to seamlessly access & share data.
  • Empower – Empowers your business users.
  • Visibility – Provides end-to-end visibility.
  • Scalability – Has robust scalability.
  • Proactive Control – Helps to take proactive control of the business.
  • Flexibility- Deploy SAP Business One solution at your office or in cloud.
  • Business eco System – Achieve efficiency by standardizing and automating your processes across business eco-system.

SAP Business One ASAP Implementation phases:

SAP Business One Implementation phases
  • Phase 1:- Project Preparation
  • Phase 2:- Blue Print
  • Phase 3:- Realization
  • Phase 4:- Final Preparation
  • Phase 5:- Go Live Support
  • Phase 6:- Operate
  The SAP Business One solution is complete, integrated and customizable which can empowers your employees and that will lead to your continuous enterprise growth. SAP Business One provides flexibility in use either on premise or on cloud, chose the as per enterprises’ need. Silver Touch offers complete span of services for SAP Business One like license procurement, installation, implementation, customization, add-on (Development, customization upgrade), CRM (Consulting, Implementing and Support), training and support (On site, off Site or Dedicated Team) services. Please call us on + 91 – 79 – 2656 31 58 or write us an email on sap@silvertouch.com