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Salesforce Introduces AI Software for Better CRM and Marketing

Published: Sep 19, 2016  |   | 

Salesforce Einstein: Artificial Intelligence for CRM
Salesforce Inc., a global computing company, announced on Sunday, an initiative that integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology into its software for enterprises. Called Salesforce Einstein, the company came up with such an initiative to streamline the sales, services and marketing processes of a workplace. Artificial intelligence has the capabilities to function with human-like abilities and hence its implementation for CRM will make the sales and marketing tasks automatic. This new offering has a set of online AI services that will ease the sales tasks and improve productivity. It will help sales people to predict market behavior and focus on the relevant information. The software will carry out active machine learning and predictive analysis of customer behavior that will help in making the customer relationship management processes more fruitful. This technology can carry out tasks such as targeting the specific audience and individualized product recommendation and solve problems in a manner that is accredited to humans. Einstein is the latest amongst the companies that have implemented technology to augment human capabilities to smoothen workplace tasks. Siri from Apple Inc., Cortana from Microsoft Corp., Alexa from Amazon.com Inc. and Watson from IBM are some AI products and services aimed at corporate users. Apart from building AI applications, Salesforce will be partnering with Microsoft, Google and IBM to provide AI services to other companies for developing their own applications. Salesforce will be providing access to the AI software to other companies over the internet through cloud-computing services. Read on to know what Einstein has to offer! Predictive analysis has become a significant part of marketing, and this software will help companies who adopt AI services to track their customers and know which customers are likely to buy their products and which customers the sales people should approach. The client’s data is stored in the Salesforce’s servers, and the companies can access their details like customer information, calendar entries, email, etc. to learn the behavior of the customers. A tool from Salesforce’s Sales Cloud will have the ability to analyze all data related to leads like activity and performance of sales reps and behavioral activity from prospects to keep a check on the nature of the lead. Information such as lead source, job title, industry, emails, etc. will let companies prepare a predictive score for leads and improve over time. Another tool will allow the companies to monitor CRM data along with customer interaction such as inbound emails from prospects, case history, and previous communications. This tool will let the sales reps study the customers’ buying preferences to target to only important customers for future sales. These tools will simplify the sales processes and help in improving productivity and efficiency. AI is the next thing marketers, and salespeople need to focus on, and it is predicted to drive a notable market in software for the next few years. The features of Einstein will be made available in the market from next month. Semaphore Software is an expert IT partner and offshore software development company catering to mobile application and software development requirements of the global clientele since decades. To know more about our services and potential, write to us at info@semaphore-software.com.