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Top 10 Productivity Apps that Help in Daily Tasks

Published: Mar 16, 2016  |   | 

Top 10 Productivity Apps that Help in Daily Tasks
The evolution of mobile apps has been nothing short of astounding. Wherever developers have sensed an opportunity or a problem, they can come up with apps that address these issues. Productivity apps are a perfect example of this drive as these apps have changed the culture at the work-place. From efficient time-keeping to project allotment, they have cut down manual labor on some of the mundane tasks. Here is our list of top 10 productivity apps that help in your daily tasks.


Out look The fact that Outlook is just an integral part your workplace makes this app top our list. With features such as built-in analytics engine it would take your productivity to complete new levels and is a must have mobile app solution. Get it Now  


EvernoteOne of the top-rated productivity apps, it offers you many solutions that include project management tool, collaboration tool and tool for preparing voice memos, presentations etc. It offers you instant alerts on the progress of every project. Get it Now  


ToodledoSweet and simple this app allows you to manage your to-do list efficiently. The app can be synchronized with Outlook which makes it ideal for any office environment. You can set deadlines, assign tasks to other co-workers using this app. Get it Now  

Google Drive

Google-DriveNeed to store files and folders over cloud and sync them across multiple devices? This is the app for you. It allows easy sharing and collaboration. Its ease-of-use makes it stand out when compared to its competitors. Get it Now  


OfficeSuiteDon’t worry about managing your docs, presentations and worksheets while on the move as the OfficeSuite lets you do this with ease. The latest version also has a PDF editor that adds to its score. Get it Now  


SunriseCalendars are important in day to day business operations and with Sunrise you would be able to play out your daily, weekly and monthly tasks efficiently. It offers a neat interface which is its biggest USP.  


ExpensifyWhen keeping expenses becomes a pain, try this app. You would be able to create invoices and track them on the go. Get it Now    

Google Translate

Google-TranslateWhen you run multi-country operations, knowledge in foreign language can be an added advantage. If you haven’t grasped languages yet, Google Translate is the answer to all your woes. Get it Now  


TrelloPhysical bulletin boards are a passé. Trello a digital bulletin board allows you to share tasks, note and news. The drag and drop feature of this app sets it apart from the rest. Get it Now  


AsanaIf managing multiple email threads for project management are giving you nightmare this app is cut for the task. This app helps you assign tasks, manage them and keep a track of their progress. Get it Now   These 10 apps can go a long way in increasing your productivity. However, if you have niche needs and need a custom made app you need to hire the services of a professional mobile apps development company. At Semaphore Software, we develop custom apps for Android and iOS based on your niche needs and help improve your productivity. Write to us at info@semaphore-software.com to know more.