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Plugins that Help Boost Site’s Performance

Published: Jul 12, 2016  |   | 

Plugins that Help Boost Site's Performance
In an ecosystem governed by more than a billion websites, you need to build one that’s awe-inspiring to get the edge over your competitors. When you are negotiating your project with a web development company, always stress onthe need for speed & performance apart from design and functionality. If you are opting for a Content Management System, your developers need to choose the right plugins that will boost your site’s performance. In this short write-up, we take a look at three plugins each for three popular Content Management Systems that aim to boost their performance.

WordPress Plugins

  • W3 Total Cache   One of the most popular WordPress plugins, it can help in caching your page, database, object and also draw advantages from Content Delivery Network. It helps in boosting the overall speed and performance of your website and boosts its popularity.
  • P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) If you are facing trouble with a slow website, this is the plugin you should opt for. It would scan and measure the impact of each plugin on your site and would let you take corrective measures to speed up your website.
  • WP Optimize  It is a great plugin that lets you de-clutter your database. It easily removes all the spam comments, thrashed items and post revisions from the database, thus letting you optimize the website’s performance.

Joomla Plugins

  • RokBooster  If you are looking to speed up your Joomla website this is the extension for you. It combines the CSS and the JavaScript to reduce the HTTP calls and helps your site load in milliseconds. It also helps optimize the images for better performance.
  • Content Optimizer  As the name suggests, this plugin optimizes your website’s content by caching and resizing them. It can help in saving bandwidth and offering great experience to users on slow connections.
  • ScriptMerge  This is another extension that helps in merging all the JavaScript files and the CSS stylesheetsthus reducing the load on the browsers. The performance of the website is incredible, which boosts the user experience.

Drupal Plugins

  • Fast 404  One of the major weaknesses of Drupal has been the way it deals with ‘Page Not Found’ errors. If you are struggling with this problem, you should immediately install the Fast 404 module. It performs full bootstrap for your site and helps you ride over this problem smoothly.
  • ImageAPI Optimize  Wondering how you can optimize the size of the images without affecting their quality? This is the module that lets you do this with ease. In fact this module has a magical effect on your site in terms of boosting its speed.
  • Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation  With the help of this module you can combine all the CSS/JS files and ensure that the number of HTTP calls is reduced from the browser to the server. Apart from this you can also move JS to the footer section of the website.
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