PDFPro – Easily Manage PDF Documents on iPad

July 1, 2015 Published by: Dharmesh Shah

PDFPro – Easily Manage PDF Documents on iPad
Are you looking for a solution that helps you for easy & user-friendly view of PDF documents anywhere and anytime on your iPad? Want to create PDFs in few minutes on your Tabs? Or is your client requires signature on documents urgently and you don’t have time for printing & document scanning then?

Wonder How?

All of these are real time problems faced by many people. So to resolve this kind of problems, Semaphore Software, a software and Mobile App Development company has came up with an idea of PDFPro – A Smart App specifically designed for iPad users that helps to view, edit, and create new PDF documents. It offers rich functionalities such as Importing, Exporting, Document Sharing and Bookshelf view. PDFPro is a smart, easy to use, and reliable PDF document reader. It allows users to instantly open and view /edit PDF documents with just a single click. Users can zoom in and zoom out a PDF document, and view previous and next pages using the arrow icons placed in menu bar. ‘PDFPro’ is designed with the simple aim to make good experience of e-reading pleasure for users. PDFPro promises smooth transitions and effects while viewing/editing or reading the PDFs. Book content search is one of the salient features of PDFPro. PDFPro also provides a phenomenal feature of personalizing a PDF by adding signature on required pages. The application is available for iPad users and easily downloadable from iTunes Store. The application is available in both Portrait and Landscape mode of iPad. The application is available as free with basic features such as, adding signature, bookshelf view, search in pdf etc. and more advanced features will be available by unlocking all features through in-app purchase. PDFPro makes PDF documents management easier with robust features like sharing via email, text notes, audio notes, dynamic search, handy doodle toolbar and much more. With PDFPro, editing PDFs is simple, quick with more fun!

Major features & functionalities of the app:

Get all the PDFs Books in Bookshelf View:

Get all the PDFs Books in Bookshelf View
  • Categorized PDF Book View
  • Application comes with default categories such as, business, education etc. At the same time it allows the users to create own category
  • PDFs under each category are displayed in Bookshelf view
  • Advanced search functionality

Import / Export PDFs from Cloud:

Import  Export PDFs from Cloud
  • Users can quickly import / export PDFs from various Cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Docs and iCloud
  • Above said cloud services are integrated with PDFPro by API Integration

Rich Document Reading Experience with PDFPro:

Rich Document Reading Experience with PDFProPDFPro provides un-matching reading experience like:
  • Page curling effect when you flip the page
  • Zoom in/zoom out: Zoom in and zoom out for clear readability
  • Slider: Jump to any particular page instantly
  • Page orientation: Rotate PDF in the state of 900 in clockwise direction

Search Functionality:

Search Functionality
  • Search any keyword in entire PDF document using Searching feature. Search words are highlighted in entire PDF
  • Displays total number of matches

Edit PDF Documents using various Editing Tools:

Edit PDF Documents using various Editing Tools

PDFPro comes with various editing tools such as:
  • Highlight Tool: Quick text highlighting enables easy spotting of important text Signature Tool: Add a personal touch! Personalize PDF by adding a signature to PDF documents
  • Handy Editing Toolbar: Includes Undo, Redo, Pencil tool and Eraser tool
  • Page History: Keeps a track of the history of previously viewed pages including their page number along with the date and time, it was viewed
  • Add blank Page: Add a blank page to a blank PDF document
  • Cover Page: Set the Cover page of your choice. Select any page from the PDF to make it the Cover page
  • Save the PDF as same name or with some different name using Save As option.

Make PDF more Useful For Future Use:

Make PDF more Useful For Future Use
  • PDFPro provides various features that help the users to keep note or reference for future use.
  • Bookmark Tool: Bookmark any page while browsing for future reference
  • Audio Recording: This ultimate feature records your voice which is automatically saved for future playback
  • Sticky Notes: Taking notes for future reference while browsing a PDF is now painless with sticky notes feature

More Features of PDFPro:

  • PDFPro enables you to share PDFs instantly!
  • Share a PDF/PDF page (along with edited changes) via Email, transfer PDFs via Wi-Fi or print an entire document or a single page using Wi-Fi.
Experience the rich & unique features of PDFPro from iTunes Store. Robust and powerful interface of PDFPro demonstrates it as a Unique PDF reader.  Instant and quick browsing/editing is what PDFPro offers to users worldwide with unmatched functionalities. PDFPro encompasses all unique features that mark it as the best reader for PDFs on iPad. PDFPro proves as an ideal app for people who work with enormous number of PDF document in day-in and out on iPad.

Read Our User Views:

“Thanks to the developer for developing such an excellent application. No words to say here, I have got much more than expected. I strongly recommend this application to be used as a PDF reader. ”   “Application holds really good functionalities… Have a great experience to use this application.”   “Great updates from the previous version specially Google docs and Dropbox which was most needed for me.”   “Made my task easy to maintain my PDFs and updating it, Overall good application. Thanks”