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Why its Beneficial for you to Outsource your Mobile App Development?

Published: Jan 5, 2017  |   | 

Why its Beneficial for you to Outsource your Mobile App Development?
As quoted by Monica Edwards, “We are in an electronic technology age now and it’s about time we put away the old stuff”. Moving forward, enterprises should embrace new and innovative technology that helps them grow structurally, and increases their efficiency. A lot of enterprises, in order to increase the productivity of their employees, have adopted not just BYOD but also remote working environment. They have ensured secure accessibility, so that their data is not breached due to remote access and different working environments. In such an ecosystem, it is simply impossible to ignore the mobile app that will help initiate productivity, boost efficiency, and maximize ROI for your business. It is the mobility solution that will benefit your organization the most. While there is a lot of mobile app development tools available in the market, only a few can give you returns that are your money’s worth. Instead of relying on in-house development solutions, you should opt for outsourcing. This way you can get an expert solution, which is unique, and reflects a complete understanding of the mobile app frameworks.

If you are not convinced on why you should outsource mobile app development, read on.

Start Marketing with Development

When you start planning the marketing of the app, and spread the message when it is still in the development stage, you will benefit from the first-mover advantage. Even if someone else does come up with a clone of your app, it will still be you who has released the app first. When you outsource development, you are actually asking someone whose core is developing mobile apps to handle your project effectively. In the meantime, you have freed your resources to handle tasks that are core to your business. This will help you in getting a competitive edge. Starting marketing alongside development, will help you reach out to more people and give your mobile app the right kind of visibility.

Development is Core Competency

You should ideally outsource your mobile application development project to a company whose core competency is offering capable mobility solutions. You will benefit if the company specializes in mobile app development, and brings forth solutions to your problems using their definitive strategies and well-defined roadmap. When you go for in-house development, you will be faced with resources who specialize in hardware maintenance or supporting with server related issues. In case you want to go in-house, you will need to invest in resource cost. Instead of hiring and investing time, effort and money into developing the mobile app in-house, outsourcing will prove to be more beneficial. You will get someone who is an expert in this domain, thus reducing the risks involved. In case of outsourcing, the company or individual developer would have invested in training the resources in latest technology, and would have complete understanding of the domain.

Reduces Costs

The third major advantage of outsourcing would be reduced costs. When you hire someone, you spend time in training them, making them aware of the domain and then training them in the technology specific to your mobile app development project. You will also need to pay for their services, and the cost of infrastructure, the equipment etc. is additional. In case you tend to outsource the project, you will save on all these costs. The infrastructure would be the company’s to whom you have outsourced your project. This is indeed one of the largest benefits of outsourcing. You would be paying only for the services you have availed.

Learn how to outsource your project for best benefits

How to Outsource your Projects Effectively?

It is very important for you to outsource your projects effectively to ensure maximum outcome from it. It is essential for you to come up with effective methods and best practices to outsource your project.

One Point Contact

Not everyone can be involved in managing the project that you have outsourced. You will need someone to be the single point of contact, who will manage the project, take updates regularly, and offer solutions to the problems that the outsourced company may be facing. It is important for you to have this single point of contact for best results.

Check Productivity of Remote Teams

When you have outsourced your project, it is important for you to make sure the project is given back on time, without compromising on the quality. A lot of us tend to outsource and forget all about the project, except for taking periodic updates from the team. Instead, ask the single person who will be representing your company to use tools that can keep a check on the productivity of the company, and help you get your project done on time.

Invest in Support & Maintenance

Once the project is delivered, don’t let the company to whom you have outsourced leave the project for you to handle. Make sure you have hired their resources to maintain your mobile app, and ensure you get proper support from them as and when required. Investing in support becomes an essential for companies, especially the ones that are non-technical Make sure you get the app code at the closure of the project, so that if you ever want to change the outsourced company, you are able to do so. It is very important to choose a good company with a good reputation to handle your outsourced project. Semaphore Software is a reputed mobile app development company that has years of experience and the correct expertise to handle your needs. We have been developing a range of mobility solutions that are unique, and aligned to your business strategy.