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nPad Mobile App – An Easy Way to Keep Your Notes at Single Place

Published: Jan 18, 2016  |   | 

In this fast moving world, you literally live on to-do lists and reminders to create a balance between your professional and personal lives. Most of you live off sticky notes or a diary to keep your notes organized, but it is truly difficult to manage these notes, and keep them organized.

With smartphones and tablets so widely available, it will be the smartest option to manage your daily or weekly tasks with a smartphone application. It’s easy to replace pens and notebooks with a more efficient notes-taking app. From wireless syncing to tagging and discovering older notes, these apps keep all your notes organized.

nPad, a notes-keeping app designed with an aim to provide better user experience and quick options to navigate through major features of the application. nPad mobile application is available on iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphone, Windows Phone and Web too. Smartphone users can download the application from iTunes, Google Play Store, Windows Phone Store.

A multi-platform nPad app provides different types of options to create a note such as, Text Note, Image Note, Create Note by scanning QR code. The created notes can be synchronized on cloud server and made accessible anywhere, anytime.

nPad Mobile App Features:

Access Notes Anywhere, Anytime using Cloud Technology:

  • The notes created on one device can be easily synchronized on cloud server.
  • You can access the notes using any device by just logging into same account.

Create Multiple Types of Notes:

  • Create Text Note: By adding textual content
  • Create Image Note: By capturing a picture with your camera or selecting image from gallery
  • Scanning QR Code: Scan QR code and create textual note with the content of the QR Code

Easy Notes Management:

  • Create a note by giving suitable title
  • Makes it easy to jot down a note and even edit, view & delete it
  • Manage your notes in well-organized categories

Various Notes Formatting options:

  • Format notes using different formatting options such as, Changing Font Size, Bold
  • Personalized your notes by changing note colors
  • Share notes to friends by natively available social sharing options.

Folder wise Notes Preparation:

  • Save your notes in a folder by giving it the name you want to like Personal, Official, Family, Friends etc.
  • Allows moving a note from one folder to another instantly

Ease in Searching & Sorting Notes & Folders:

  • Easy to search notes & folders when you have accumulated large amount of information
  • Allows to enter the name of the note or folder you are looking for into the search box and get a list instantly
  • Sort notes as well as folders by Name or Recently Updated timestamps

Security by Folder Lock:

  • With nPad, store your sensitive and personal information by Security lock option.
  • Has the facility to protect your notes & folder through a PIN password
  • It will ask for your PIN, every time you try to open the folder or note

Set Reminder for Note:

  • Add reminders of notes by setting date & time
  • nPad app will give an alert at the set date-time
  • It will make easy to you for reminding any important task

Tag the Similar Types of Notes:

  • Tagging of similar activity notes is easy with nPad app
  • Add multiple tags to single note
  • View list of already created tags and notes under tag.

Offline Availability:

  • Allows managing your notes without an internet connection on your smart phones
  • Information stored, gets auto-synced with Cloud once the internet connection is available
  • Useful when you are out for a trip or in a meeting or travelling

Web Access:

  • Helps to capture and access all your notes using web based application from here
  • Useful when you are on your PC or Laptop and want to capture information while browsing rather than manually taking down notes

Along with all above major features, nPad also provides options to add quick shortcut of notes on smartphone home screen. Thus, nPad is a quick, simple and intuitive notes-taking app which helps you to organize your important tasks & reminders, keep all your information at one place, access notes even when offline and sync across all device and also from web.

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