Most Useful Joomla Extensions

Published: May 4, 2016  |   | 

Most Useful Joomla Extensions
In this dynamic & complex business scenario, there is a growing need for a stable Content Management System. Despite not owning the kind of marketshare WordPress has, Joomla is preferred by many businesses when it comes to building complex websites. Joomla is considered to be the best platform if you need to integrate a large database, or have to manage a large number of pages. The customization options that you get with Joomla are unlike any other, which is also one of the major reasons why businesses are gradually opting for this open source platform. Silver Touch Technologies is one of the leading Joomla extension development companies that offer a bouquet of extensions that help customize your website to meet the business requirements. Let’s take a look at some of the indigenous joomla extensions that aim to help small & large businesses.

Silver VM Banner

Banners are the most important marketing component of your website. Whether it’s a corporate website or an online store, banners attract maximum eyeballs. The ‘Silver VM Extension’ makes banner management a cakewalk. It can also work in conjunction with VirtueMart eCommerce Shopping Cart. Using it, site admins can easily create targeted ads and banners that would woo users, thus increasing the conversion rates. You can easily create multiple groups of banners and customize them individually. Download it Now

Silver CSV

A great extension for businesses running an online store. The ‘Silver CSV’ makes it very easy for you to import products and categories from CSV / Excel file to your VirtueMart Store. It also allows you to create different templates for products and categories based on your niche requirements and you will be able to import product and category data accordingly. It can support thousands of products and hundreds of categories at the same time and allows you to carry out the task without any glitch. You can also export products and categories with the same ease to create back-ups. Download it Now

Silver Gallery

Galleries add value to your site, especially if you are building a portfolio website. Whether you are a photographer or a construction contractor, the ‘Silver Gallery’ extension aids you in creating aesthetically appealing galleries easily. With native support for different versions of Joomla it can easily handle both uploading and resizing of images. Displaying the gallery at the frontend of the site has been made easy with this extension, as it offers features such as on-the-fly image resizing, jQuery for different sliding effects and Flash based gallery background settings. Download it Now

Silver Feedback

Feedbacks are a great way of showcasing user engagement and also act as a hook for new users to turn loyal towards the site. To make the most out of it, you need to make sure that the feedback is constantly visible to the users who come to the store. With the ‘Silver Feedback’ extension site admins can easily enable scrolling feedback form widget on the front end application while its component will handle backend interface to manage all the feedback. Download it Now

Silver Facebook

You can’t create a strong web presence giving Facebook a miss, can you? With the help of ‘Silver Facebook’ extension, you can integrate Facebook with your site. It comes with the native support for Joomla and allows you to implement features and functionalities such as Like, Recommend, Share and Comment on your website. As a site admin you will have complete control over the features you would like to have on your website. Download it Now 

Silver Tool TIP

The ‘Silver Tool TIP’ extension offers any tooltip text whenever a user clicks a link or, merely hovers over that link. The extension allows you to put TOOL TIP on any content page of Joomla CMS. The feature is supported by all the major browsers including Internet Explorer 7+, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. To make it more engaging you have complete control over animation setting and can use transitions such as Fade-In time, Fade-Out time and Delay time. Download it Now

Silver Contact

The Contact Us page is surely one of the most visited pages in any website and without proper contact details your site would lack the authenticity. But simply mentioning your address and contact details are a passé. With the ‘Silver Contact’ extension, you would be able to showcase your contact details using Google Maps easily and effectively. You can set up your contact details in no time. The in-built Google Map integration makes your task easy. You would be able to enter latitude and longitude to pinpoint the exact location on a map. Download it Now

Silver Blog

Blogs are a great way to connect with your target audience and keep your website updated with fresh content. The ‘Silver Blog’ extension is a combination of Component & Module and lets you set-up unlimited number of blog categories and publish posts under these categories. You can easily create tags and synchronize the tags with your posts. With multi-lingual support, tag wise post listings and commenting tool, it is your complete blogging package. Download it Now As a Joomla Development Company, we at Silver Touch Technologies have increased the possibilities for businesses to build ever more intriguing and engaging web experience. If you have a business problem we would solve it with our skills and extensions. Drop us an email at and we shall help you differentiate.