Mobile UX Tips for 2023

Published: Apr 6, 2016  |   | 

Mobile UX Tips for 2016
In the last few years businesses as well as web developers have increasingly focused on mobile UX given their constantly increasing numbers. In 2014 mobile traffic outnumbered desktop/laptop traffic for the first time and ever since, the growth has been phenomenal. Stats have shown that good mobile UX experience has helped businesses increase their conversion rates two-fold. So, when you hire a web design company to work on your website, here are a few mobile UX tips for 2023 that you need to keep in mind.

Simplicity Will Rule

You don’t build a website to prove your designing skills; you build it to promote the business or the brand. So complicated design architecture will only act as a turn-off for the users and not promote the cause. Mobile users often browse on the go and all they look forward to is information and not design. While you can pack your mobile website with features and functionalities, majority of your users would have little to do with them. So keep it simple.

Keep Hand Positions in Mind

Not every part of the mobile screen is easily accessible. Pick up your smartphone and take note of the positions which are easily accessible to the thumb and make sure all your control of the website are neatly packed there. Consider the size of the fingers and make sure users with large thumbs don’t suffer from a messy experience as they do on most mobile websites.

Work On Speed

The days of heavy website with lots of images and design is well behind us. These sites were heavy, offering restricted access to the mobile users with slow data connections. It is important for you to focus on speed, as it not only increases your traffic but also boosts your SEO score. Minimalistic and uncluttered design is what most users look for and you improve your odds by choosing this path.

Minimize Typing

For all the flexibility that mobile sites offer, they suffer from one major handicap. Typing on the small screen is a big pain nobody enjoys; hence you should minimize typing and instead focus on screen taps. Use auto complete and drop down menus instead of forcing the users to type.

Focus on Usability

Irrespective of the domain used to build your website, there is abundance of mobile responsive templates. You also have the option of getting one designed from scratch. Mere implementation of a mobile responsive design won’t work the trick for you. What you need to do is focus on usability. Are all features easily accessible on mobile devices? Is the user able to navigate to all sections of your website? You should address these concerns and not relax with a responsive design. These are small inputs that can have a huge impact on your traffic and marketability of your website over different mobile platforms. All you need is a reputable agency offering web design service. We at Semaphore Software would make the cut. To get the maximum benefits of User experience Mobile design, it is essential to hire the services of an experienced web design and  development company. From designing mobile friendly website to redesigning your existing sites, we can do all it takes to put you steps ahead of your competitors. Write to us at and we can discuss the possibilities.