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How Real Time Mobile Apps are Beneficial to Businesses?

Published: Oct 8, 2015  |   | 

Mobile Apps for Businesses
Don’t we all want instant interaction and engagement with our audiences? The whole idea of having your audiences over for some instant & gratifying conversation can be overwhelming. You have cracked the deal if you are able to let conversations flow, but the point remains how? When you are chatting with a friend, you expect the messenger app to be real time? Why, because that is when the conversations become engaging and interactive. You want information, data etc. all real time. This way you know what is happening, just when you gain interest in that subject. The success of any app for a business lies in the real time feature. A typical example of a real time app would be video conferencing, messaging or real time file sharing app. Flow of information and data occurs real time and on immediate basis here. There is a whole range of apps that you can create and collaborate on real time basis.

How Real Time App Benefit Businesses?

With BYOD gaining popularity, security concerns are being highlighted when it comes to mobile app development. At the same time, real time sharing and access to information is a must in this case. Real time mobile apps, if developed, will help the business further while reducing the costs. Here are a few benefits that real time apps can give businesses

Cost Related Benefits

If real time sharing and collaboration occurs in offices, then it would reduce the overall dependency on IT infrastructure. This would eventually lower the cost for the company. In case of real time apps, fast data sharing and result oriented approach are popularized, which results in further reduction of cost

Reduced Data Fragmentation

With real time apps, you can give a miss to data fragmentation, which ensures there are not quality or inconsistency issues related to data. You can easily and in a secured way access the critical data, and offer centralized approach for information sharing.

Quick Access

You get a quicker and easier access to data with the real time enterprise apps. This will improve the efificiency and productivity, thus streamlining the different processes. You can easily address the different concerns, internal and external thus reducing latency.

Beneficial to End Users

Real time apps are not just useful to the enterprise users, but also to generic users. Transparency and ease of use are the two benefits of using real time apps. Let’s have a look at how users are benefited from a real time app.


You get a transparent view of the activities at both ends.This way the app becomes more engaging and the flow of conversation is better

Smooth Interactions

When you are going for data sharing and communication in real time apps, you can expect fast and extremely smooth interactions, which keeps the consumer engaged. Real time apps further business models, by inducing collaborative sharing and innovation. Semaphore Software is a leading mobile app development company that is known to offer innovative solutions and customized mobile apps. Get in touch with us via info@semaphore-software.com to know more about us.