Why Outsourcing Mobile App Development Will Help Your Business?

January 6, 2016 Published by: Himanshu Chudasama

Mobile App Development for Your Business
Mobile apps are one of the most potent market tools for any business. They help businesses target their audience in a personalized manner. With millions of apps around, you would need to develop an inspiring app to stay ahead of your competitors. Outsourcing the project to a mobile app development company offers a number of benefits to a business instead of in-house development. Here we take a look at some of the advantages.


Expertise is one of the most important things that a developer brings to a project. When you outsource your project to a professional company you stand to gain from their project. These companies cater to the needs of different businesses and develop deep insight into the industry. This helps them in developing apps that adds to your brand value and helps in meeting the expectations of your target users.

Save Costs

This is surely one of the greatest advantages of outsourcing your mobile app development project. Imagine the cost of screening, hiring, training and housing employees for your project. Hence hiring developers under your payrolls isn’t economically feasible unless you have lots of project to deal with. Outsourcing on the other hand cuts the cost of development by minimum 50% which can also go up to 80% in certain projects.

Multi-Platform Development

The success of your mobile app rests on its reach. While Android may hold majority market share you cannot ignore iOS and Windows users if you want your mobile app to succeed. Offshore development companies in countries like India have expertise in different mobile app development platforms and help you realise your dreams with the app.

Latest Technology

Whether it is native apps development, game development or app porting, these companies makes use of state-of-the-art tools in your project. All these products ARE developed using the latest SDKs and undergo rigorous testing. These help in improving the quality of the apps and offer an engaging experience to the users.

Quality Workmanship

Don’t be surprised with the use of the term ‘workmanship’ as most apps are as much about being technically sound as they are about being graphically rich and appealing to the eyes. Developers in offshore centres have worked on varied projects in the past and this allows them tobring their varied experiences on the table.

Mitigating Risks

There are many risks that are associated with mobile apps – they may not meet the standards of the app store or may not hold the competitive edge over your rivals’ apps. Outsourcing helps you in mitigating risks as most development companies have the expertise to deal with these challenges. You can make no compromises while hiring a company for mobile apps development. At Semaphore Software we are one of the leading offshore development firms in India catering to clients around the globe. With a team of seasoned mobile app developers and experience under our belt we are able to deliver inspiring apps that help you ride over competition. To know more about our app development services write to us at info@semaphore-software.com.