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After Release Checklist for your Mobile App

Published: Aug 13, 2015  |   | 

After Release Checklist for your Mobile App
You are competing with millions of app within your segment on the app store. Your idea may be manipulated in order to give out another app in the same segment. Guess which app wins the battle? The one with better reviews and the one that handles its users in a better manner! You would have put in a lot of efforts in app development, but what about the efforts that you need to go through after launching the app? Yes, you just can’t let your app be, after releasing it. So, here are pointers that you will need to consider after the release of your app.

Improving User Engagement and Retention

If you are creating an app to improve your business, it is not necessary you might have the funds to carry out paid marketing. While it does help to build the initial customer base using paid marketing, it does not help you survive changing market trends using only paid marketing. You will need to work on user engagement and retention. Find paid channels that will help boost your initial customer base, and then work on engaging and retaining them

Monitoring the Right Segments

It is important to analyze and monitor the right portions of your mobile app. Revenue is surely a good indicator of the success of your app, but it is not the sole indicator. You will need to consider the features that are engaging the users with your app, as well as features that is riding out the users from your app. You need to measure the daily and monthly active users as well as their retention rates. You will need to focus on average revenue per user as well as life time value to understand how well your app is working. While number crunching is good, you cannot quantify every aspect of the app. Some things need to be observed or qualitatively analyzed for better results.

Add Description to Updates

Just like an app description, you will need to work on update description too! There is an update description space which will help you communicate the exact update details to your users. Generally, users don’t update all the apps that have been shown in the “to be updated” list. Certain apps which include a plain description “bugs fixed” are not updated by the users. You will need to use the update description space as your route to market the app. You need to word the update in an interesting manner, such that the app is updated and used by the users.

Improvise Customer Support

Customer support is an important element of business. When you are dealing with consumers, you need to take care of all their needs. When they send in their reviews, or even their feedback on your app, it is your job to write back to them. Offering help when your users are stuck, or taking their feedback seriously will help you gain more users, and improve conversions. Timely support is essential, so that user retention is higher.

Avoid Push Notifications in Excess

Push notifications are definitely great when you want to remind your users of your existence. But, use it in excess, and you are sure to bug your users. The push notifications should be designed in a way that your users can easily avoid them, in case they feel the need to do so. Time zone differences should be considered when planning your push notification.

Customize App Review Pitch Email

You will plan an email for your users once you have launched your app, so that they gain awareness. This email should be designed in a manner that it contains all the necessary information about your app. You need to customize the email such that users are ready to download it. Highlight the USP of your app. Link the app mail to the store. Also give a link of the reviews that you have received for this app. This will ensure a good number of conversions for the app.

Offer Share/Like Incentives

Sharing your progress on an app, or even liking the app on Facebook should come with some incentives. If there are no incentives, the likelihood of the app getting shared or becoming viral is less. So, always build in some incentives that will help you gain higher and better conversions. It is important to give keep up with demands of your mobile app user. You will need to pull in a good customer support, and come up with innovative ways to keep marketing your app after the launch. Semaphore Software is a leading mobile app development company, that takes into account all three phases of a mobile app. To get more information on our services, contact us through info@semaphore-software.com