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.NET Technology Preferred Platform for Enterprise App Development

Published: May 1, 2015  |   | 

Microsoft dot NET Technology for Enterprise Application Development
Enterprise applications consist of an entire set of business applications, designed to meet the growing needs of an enterprise. Microsoft .NET technology is widely used to build scalable and high-performance enterprise applications. Enterprise Application Development needs Bespoke approach as every enterprise has its own needs and a business process that needs to be fulfilled. According to WhiteHat Security Website Stats Report 2014, .NET is the most widely used languages with 28.1 percent of the Web applications using .NET technology; Java on the second slot with 24.9% usage. The reason being .NET is scalable and has grown over time in terms of ready libraries and easy to use tools. A large number of enterprises prefer .NET development platform due to its myriad benefits. Microsoft .NET technology will allow you to reduce your development time and assist you in developing high-quality, robust and reliable enterprise applications, helping you achieve your business goals. Let’s take a look at the key reasons for preference of .NET technology in developing enterprise applications.

Improved ROI

Improved ROI .NET has re-usable code and various re-usable components, allowing developers to use them instead of rewriting the entire code again. This reduces their time, thus lowering the cost and leading to quicker time-to-market and an increased ROI.  


Reliability .NET framework has proved to be a powerful and reliable engine particularly in production situations. It has been widely used to build thousands of applications for businesses of all sizes. It consists of many built-in checks and balances to ensure that the applications run hassle-free.  


Development Through Visual Studio, building .NET applications is quite simple as it offers all the required tools and support for creating .NET applications in an easy way. Microsoft has made development easier and less complex for enterprises and the drag & drop tools are really helpful in creating your control’s user interface.  

Cross Platform Compatibility

Cross Platform Compatibility .NET allows building applications that can run on various devices like Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone’s. The developers can re-use many of the same components to develop applications for a wide range of platforms. This is extremely critical as many employees use their PDAs or Smartphone’s to carry on their work while being on the move. So providing applications that run on various devices is important. This is made possible in .NET by re-using much of the same code, development environment and paradigm.  


Maintainability .NET applications are easy to maintain due to easy modification of the configuration settings, without the need of re-writing the code. This eases the maintenance of applications, thus reducing the total cost of ownership. This aspect is really important as sometimes maintenance costs of an application outweigh the front end savings.  

Security Concerns

Security Concerns One of the other benefits offered by Microsoft .NET platform is its top-notch security features. It is a solid and effective development platform in terms of security, helping build extremely secure enterprise applications. It is very important for an enterprise to have an application that is fully secured, which might otherwise lead to hacking of critical business information and affecting enterprises in a big way.  


Scalability .NET applications allow enterprises to expand as per their growing needs. It can be an important concern for the enterprises if the existing applications don’t allow scaling up or accommodating growth whenever required. Microsoft .NET technology can support the additional load in case of growth. This eliminates the need for developing new applications or making the changes in the current applications, not competent to handle a large load.  


deployment Deploying applications used to be a big issue earlier due to deploying or registering of numerous DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries or reusable code in a file) in a machine. It was challenging to ensure that all DLLs could co-exist on a single machine. Managing the different versions was even more difficult. The .NET platform resolved this by letting different versions of the same DLL to exist side-by-side on the same machine. This made the deployment process easier and quicker, thus saving a lot of time of the enterprises.  

Integration with Existing Systems

Integration with Existing Systems Enterprises look for applications that can integrate with their existing systems. .NET makes integration with other systems easier through its capability of consuming any type of XML document and writing any file quickly.  


Enhancements The new improved .NET platform helps you to choose the tools you want to work with. It offers cross compatibility and modularization. It is a lean and composable framework for building web and cloud applications for enterprises. .NET has truly become an enterprise level, scalable platform.  

Availability of Resources

Availability of Resources A large number of qualified, trained and experienced .NET developers are available to help you easily expand your enterprise’s operations whenever required. This ensures scalability and easy maintenance of your .NET applications.  

Cloud Support

Cloud Support Enterprise these days look for solutions that can be delivered fast, are cost effective and offer flexibility for future growth. Microsoft Azure is an enterprise-proven hybrid cloud solutions that can help you to expand your operations without any complexity. Azure makes it easier to build enterprise applications spanning both on-premises and Cloud. Data storage, backup as well as recovery is very efficient and economical with Azure.  

Technical Support

Technical Support Enterprises can get round-the-clock support from Microsoft for their .NET applications. .NET is backed by a dedicated community of developers. Detailed documentations are available along with support forums.   .NET platform’s maintainability, ease of deployment, scalability and reliability is making it one of the most preferred frameworks for enterprise application development. The added benefits of reduced complexity, increased security and cross-platform capabilities have increased its demand. Microsoft .NET technology is thus used to build solid, powerful and secured applications for enterprises of all sizes, resulting in increased operational efficiency and improved bottom-line. Semaphore Software is a leading .NET Software development company, specializing in building custom .NET applications for enterprises. We are known for delivering exceptional enterprise application development services using the Microsoft .NET technology. Our team has in-depth knowledge and is equipped with the latest tools to develop immaculate applications to streamline the operations and simplify cumbersome tasks of your enterprise. Get in touch with us through info@semaphore-software.com to connect to our experienced and versatile .NET developers!!