mCommerce – A Growing Trend

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mCommerce - A Growing Trend

What is mCommerce?

Mobile commerce is usually called as ‘m-Commerce’ using which users can perform a variety of transactions like buying and selling goods. This is the next generation wireless e-commerce, which does not require wired or plug-in devices. Currently, users of m-commerce perform a wide variety of transactions via mobile, right from paying utility bills to movie tickets to shopping and holidays. While the uptake of mobile payments is still gathering pace, services that are more accessible and easier to use are finding favor. Transaction through mobile is now easier using the Android Pay, Windows Wallet, and Apple Pay.

Growth of mCommerce

With the booming mobile segment, 2015 is going to be the tipping point of mobile commerce. Smartphone internet users are growing rapidly, and it is expected to double its base of smartphones and mobile internet subscribers by the end of 2015. M-commerce has several advantages over its fixed counterparts because of its specific inbuilt characteristics such as personalization, flexibility, and sharing. It provides exceptional business, market potential and greater efficiency. Overall, PayPal’s research in conjunction with Ipsos that examined the mobile commerce habits of 17,600 consumers in 22 countries shows that between 2013 and 2016, the multi-country average compound annual growth rate for mobile commerce is projected to be 42 percent, toppling e-commerce’s same growth rate at 13 percent. Mobile commerce Sales 2010-2016 When it comes to both online shopping and smartphone-shopping density figures, these regions by far surpass the others. According to PayPal reports, in the UAE mobile shopping makes up for about 24 percent of the overall online spending. In China, that number is 21 percent and Turkey occupies the third position at 19 percent. For businesses and retailers, seeking a growth in sales and commerce, mobile commerce is the latest secret to success, since there are a large number of smartphone users in the world who use internet on their mobile phones to shop extensively. This suggests that mobile commerce has a great scope for advancement in the years to come.

mCommerce Benefits

There are several ways that a commerce website that is optimized for mobile shopping or a commercial app will deliver for your business growth. A few merits of mobile commerce for retailers listed below:
  • Mobile commerce is cost-efficient
  • Targets large audiences
  • Overcome Geographical Limitations
  • Gain New Customers with Search Engine Visibility
  • Create Markets for your Own Products
  • Brand value of your products will increase
  • Profits will increase

Challenges in mCommerce App Development

In most cases, eCommerce business holders are facing problems in developing a native mobile application to increase sales. Following are the reasons you think twice before developing a native app for your ecommerce store:
  • High Development Cost for native Apps Development in iOS, Android & Windows 8 platforms
  • Strategize & freeze website features and information for a mobile application
  • Deciding on application scope, functionality, flow and navigation
  • Deciding on application UI /UX
  • Giving the users a mobile experience rather than a web site on a mobile
  • Unsure of how the mobile application will offer a good return on investment
  • Security concerns of your customer’s personal information during transaction through mobile application
  • Tedious follow up with mobile application development team
  • Continuous challenges to roll out the final and expected mobile application

Apps which Help Solve the above Challenges

Silver Shop

Semaphore Software has developed ‘Silver Shop’ is a demo mCommerce application for your Magento store which is available on iTunes, Google Play and Windows App store. It facilitates merchants who own Magento store to get an application with their own branding and it can be easily integrated with their existing Online Magento store. Silver Shop Mobile Application seamlessly integrates with existing Online Magento Store using Silver Shop Magento Extension. This application is handy for your customers and offers to be an excellent opportunity for you to grow your business. Silver Shop for mCommerce

Silver Shop provides following solutions to Magento store owners:

  • Silver Shop is your own branded native Mobile Application to sell the products of your existing Magento web store using mCommerce facility
  • Silver Shop Mobile Application seamlessly integrates with existing Online Magento Store using Silver Shop Magento Extension
  • Mobile application can be customized to match your business needs
  • It provides same Product Catalog and User Experience as your customers have been gaining on Magento Store frontend web interface
  • Application is handy for your customers and offers a great opportunity for you to grow your business
  • Simple, Easy and Convenient for your customers to use
  • Product-catalog and orders are easily managed by administrator using the existing Magento backend system interface
  • The amendment of category & product details, order status made by administrator will be reflected to the Web frontend as well as on the mobile application
  • Compatible with Magento Community Editions – 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,,,,, 1.8+,
  • Customer needs to pay a one-time fee of $400
Silver Shop for Magento

Simi Ultimate & Simi Superior

SimiCart Company has also developed two mCommerce demo application one is Simi Ultimate & the other is Simi Superior. SimiCart Superior version supports a variety of payment gateway that help merchants reach out to more customers. Merchants can build their beautiful app with 1 among 3 user-enjoyed themes and attractive labels. Not only does the superior package include all the SimiCart plugins but also offers free installation service. This is the choice given to big scale businesses. SimiCart Ultimate version is an advanced solution for fast growing business. With Ultimate, merchants can satisfy more customers with famous payment gateways, elegant app layouts and target more loyal customers with reward points. Customers will be impressed by a fast checkout process with address auto fill and free checkout management. This package also benefits merchants with app analytics & perfomance tracking as well as free installation service. Get it Now from –


eGrove Systems Corporation launches an mCommerce solution for eCommerce web store owners. Elite M-Commerce is an excellent solution for building mobile app for your eCommerce store. With the help of Elite M-Commerce you can easily build and manage mobile app for your store. It provides,
  • Monthly & Yearly Subscription cost for eCommerce store Owners
  • Full mobile commerce functionality including secure shopping cart and checkout
  • Similar features and product details as your eCommerce store
  • Customizable mobile theme – You can customize your mobile app similar to your eCommerce store
  • Local data storage for fast performance
  • Works well with your existing eCommerce website

Ecommerce Preview

Plobal Apps enables any Shopify merchants to create a Native m-commerce app for their Shopify online store in less than 5 minutes. It provides one step widget based integration, which makes it very easy for Shopify eCommerce store owner to create their native app in 5 minutes without any technical or coding knowledge required. It provides following facilities,
  • Get 24×7 customer support
  • Track Order Status
  • Native Android & iOS m-Commerce apps.
  • Extremely affordable and economical for every business owner
  • Directly Integrates with your Shopify Web Store. No Further integrations or configurations required
  • All Customers can add their favorite products on your store with the Favorites option
  • Enable your customers to easily search and sort products with our In-App store search and sort products feature
  • Customers can easily and seamlessly share your products in their social networks which ensures maximum visibility for your products and business
Get it Now from –


mShop is a Shopify extension for existed shop owner can generate their own beautiful native mobile app in a minute without single line of code. Not only is it a complete mobile solution for the shop owner that can sell their product, approach their customer anywhere, anytime by Push-notification and Message Chat, but also it’s the first time Shop owners can choose how the app should look like and their customers can see the changes instantly. The owners can distribute the app instantly instead of waiting 14 days for App Store review. If you are a Magento eCommerce store owner then you can download and check Silver Shop demo application from respective app store iOS. You can get information about installation and configuration of Magento extension from here. Semaphore Software will process your inputs to develop your own branded iPhone, Android & Windows Smartphone & Tablet application. They provide you the binary files for each mobile platform that you can upload on respective mobile app stores.