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Magento vs PrestaShop: Which Ecommerce Should You Opt?

Published: Dec 14, 2015  |   | 

Magento vs PrestaShop

The ecommerce space is heating up, and this is not just true for the online stores but also for the technologies that power them. While Magento has been the first choice opensource platform for most online stores, PrestaShop development is slowly gaining popularity and will give Magento a run for its money pretty soon. Here, will compare the two platforms to know which of these would suite your business needs.


If we talk about installation and configuration of these platforms, Prestashop is relatively easier to install and configure. It does not call for much technical knowledge. Magento on the other hand, is definitely easy to install but checks your technical capabilities when it comes to configuration. But the same attributes of Magento also offer you a lot of extended functionalities that can offer you the edge. Also PrestaShop being available in 40 plus languages puts it ahead of Magento.


PrestaShop offers all the features that you would think of while running an online store and its search feature is faster than Magento which is a big plus. Add to it the 25000 plugins compared to Magento’s 1500 plugins and you can achieve any kind of customization you want. Magento on the other hand offers you many out-of-the-box features namely CMS, Multi-Store Feature, product comparison, etc. Also, Magento is better from SEO perspective, which is very important for your success in a competitive market.


You would definitely consider this to be important and here Magento emerges as a winner. It has a more organized support team that takes care of your needs. In case of PrestaShop you would need to depend on the community for support, but being an extremely easy tool to use you would hardly require any support services.


While this may not matter for a large ecommerce store, this is often a major concern for startups and small stores. PrestaShop is absolutely free and there are no caps on the number of transactions that you can carry out, which matches Magento Community edition. The Magento Enterprise Edition on the other hand is feature rich and would definitely loosen your purse. Thus the cost of development in PrestaShop is definitely lower than that of Magento.

The Final Verdict

It is difficult to choose between the two as both these bring in distinct advantages to your ecommerce business. If one is better in terms of features and functionality, the other wins in terms of ease of installation and use and so the verdict would be relative. If you are a small or medium ecommerce business PrestaShop would make more sense for your business in terms of cost while for large online stores, Magento is definitely the go to tool.

Irrespective of your choice you need to find the right PrestaShop development comapany or Magento development company that makes the most out of these opensource tools. We at Semaphore Software have catered to the needs of small and large online stores alike. The possibilities with Magento and PrestaShop are endless and to know more write to us at info@semaphore-software.com