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Magento Enterprise Open Source – The Best solution for your E-Commerce Store

Published: Mar 3, 2015  |   | 

Magento Enterprise - The Best solution for your E-Commerce Store

As the world retail market is widening its online presence exponentially it has raised a steep competition amongst solution providers.

Though there are lot many high featured e-commerce solution providers with ample offers, it is the investor’s choice to pick the best suitable solution. Few of most highlighted e-commerce solution providers who have gripped the market for online stores are Magento, VirtueMart, Shopify, Prestashop, Zencart etc. Out of these Magento has been holding profusion market share.

Magento is a powerful eCommerce solution built using Zend Framework for PHP. It offers two versions of software, the community (open source) version and Enterprise version. It is solely owned by eBay Inc.

Important aspect is the selection of right tool, whether it is a custom built solution or an off the shelf software. The major difference between the versions of open source and enterprise is the extensive e-commerce features. The enterprise edition is tagged with a whopping $15500 and with much more improved features in compare to the “Free” Community version.

Hence Magento enterprise will be more preferable for a store with annual turnover higher than a million dollar. Magento Enterprise Edition offers high performance & scalability for fast growing & larger businesses. It is embedded with enterprise-class features, to drive traffic and converting them into customers.

Magento Enterprise Features:

Magento Enterprise Features

Attraction & Conversion

  • Customers are segmented based on their demographic criteria & profile to allow optimization of marketing initiatives through special promotions and converting them into profitable buyers
  • Improving conversion rate and revenue through coupons for specific customer segments, products, categories, dates, and times
  • Easy administration for Up Sell, Cross Sell and Related Products, dynamically presenting based on customer product selection

Customer Retaining

  • Magento Reward Points system offers management of incentives for registration on the site or subscribing for newsletter, posting reviews for products
  • Boosting the site with Gift registry options to bring new shoppers and reinforcing customer loyalty
  • Automated Email reminders for abandoned shopping cart & wishlist, with options for customizing cart value and quantity
  • Creating an exclusive shopping experience for the most valuable customers or highest value prospects by setting invitation or events for limited period sales for the selected customers.
  • Storing credits into customer accounts, in lieu of order refund allowing them for future purchase.

Easy Buying

  • Inclusion of Solr search provides site search options and enhancements to the speed, quality and relevancy of search results.
  • Customers can also filter the products to get more specific choices based on price, size, color and more by layered navigation filters.
  • Fasten checkout process through one page checkout and reduction in abandoned cart. Magento provide an extensive option for payment & shipping as well.
  • Customers can avail shopping from anywhere as Magento Enterprise creates a seamless shopping experience from computers, smart-phones & tablets.

Growth & Scaling

  • Optimized indexing makes it easier to add and update products more frequently
  • Performance improvements by full page caching as it take less time to open web pages subsequent times.
  • Enhancing & expanding enterprise features through Magento connect extensions.
  • Magento Secure Payment Bridge is a PA-DSS certified payment application, enables merchants to minimize efforts and efficiently attain PCI compliance.

Back-end Administrator Facilities

  • Magento leverage multi-store functionality allowing easy creation & management of multiple online stores.
  • Log register for each administrator
  • Administrator can create menus, page hierarchy, and insert rich content via WYSWYG editor. Administrator can even create multiple pages and maintain versioning.
  • Rollbacks create a staging site to test the newer content. It can be merged to the live site after approval, either on-demand or on a scheduled basis.

Benefits of Magento Enterprise

Magento Enterprise Benefits

  • Facilitate building B2B marketplace
  • Handles large catalog i.e numerous products
  • 80% faster in re-indexing a catalog, and has many other performance features
  • Very scalable as its code base is better architected to handle a high-end development
  • Allows managing tax based on zones, customer class and product class
  • Default functionality for gift wrapping option
  • Provide faster checkout flow

Magento Enterprise Edition is developed looking in the perception of the store owners & the marketers. Before opting for any of the Magento versions, either community or enterprise, one should have the clear idea of requirement. If the investors intends to have the full-fledged online store with a PCI compliant Code, full page caching along with advanced marketing options and other extensive commercial features then Magento Enterprise version would be best choice for competent online e-commerce store among all available e-commerce solution providers.

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