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Lessons Businesses can Draw from Pokemon Go

Published: Jul 25, 2016  |   | 

Pokemon Go has officially taken over the world, and has become one of the most viral apps ever released. With just over two weeks since its official release, it already has more than 20 million active users, and the app has surpassed the tally of daily visitors and users of both Twitter and Facebook. The company Nintendo has experienced a rise in the shares by 90% after the game topped the “Top Grossing” chart of the app stores faster than any game in the history. What has led to its success and popularity? Read on to know what caused this tremendous vogue and the lessons other businesses can draw from this game.

Innovation Draws Attention

Pokemon Go is an explosive combinational illustration of cutting edge technology, genius marketing, and creativity. It shows that mobile technology can be so much powerful when its features are utilized smartly. The innovators at Nintendo put efforts in harnessing unique capabilities of mobile like camera, location, hi-resolution graphics, etc. to deliver a unique and memorable experience to the users. The technology takes human-machine interface to a whole new level. The adoption of AR technology shows that the faster you are in embracing emerging technology, the better you will be rewarded. Getting innovative and focusing more on customer experience will help you yield leap-forward results in your business.

Augmented Reality is the New Interest and Future

Pokemon Go has taken the concept of Augmented Reality, the technology that merges the digital and physical world, mainstream. This is not the first time AR has been used in an app, but until the release of this phenomenal game, the response, and acceptance it had received from the users was lukewarm. Till recently, the tech community wasn’t aware that this concept is in demand and can attract customers’ interest to such an extent. Augmented Reality points the way to a more immersive marketing and local advertising for businesses. This technology is an evolution towards valuable location-based advertising (LBA) that will be a major monetization model for future augmented reality applications and games.

Brand can Make all the Difference

This viral gaming application is the first of its kind to reach this level of popularity. A similar game “Ingress” was out in the market a few years back but, it was able to capture the attention of only serious gamers. The main highlight and cause for this popularity of Pokemon Go is the brand. Pokemon started with a consistent brand way back in the 90s and developed during the years. The brand is known to even those who never watched its anime or played any of its games. This powerful and famous brand did not need any advertising and the app got released soon after an official announcement and a trailer release.

Keeping the Learning Curve Low leads to higher Adoption

Another element of the wide acceptance and popularity of Pokemon Go is its simple and easy-to-learn and use application. There is no need to follow any complicated tutorial or instructions and it is pretty easy to pick up the basics of the app. You can deeply research about the mechanics of the game but basically all you need to do is have fun by walking around and catching creatures thereby staying alert and fit. Tricky presentations and complicated tutorials can diminish your audience and sales. Authenticity is the key that keeps your customers loyal to your business venture and drives them towards recommending it to others. Well-designed and easy-to-use websites, applications, products, and platforms drive more traffic if made easy for the people to get involved. Pokemon Go has turned into a phenomenon. Watch its progress and put these lessons and trends to good use in your company to evolve and improve your business. Semaphore Software is an offshore software development company having remarkable experience in delivering seamless web development solutions. Approach us with your business concerns and we will serve you with the right solution. Contact us at info@semaphore-software.com.