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Key Principles of Agile Methodology

Published: Jul 7, 2016  |   | 

Key Principles of Agile Methodology

Heard of the popular project management? Agile development model or Agile methodology is a popular method used in software development. It is an alternate to Waterfall method, which was traditionally used to ensure smooth software development. It is completely new model of development, where the end users are more valued over the tools they use and comprehensive software is preferred over tons of documentation. An agile development company would align the development process with your business needs and end goals instead of committing to a rigid procedure and selected tools.

Here, we take a look at some of the key principles of Agile Methodology.

Active User Involvement Is Unavoidable

Agile Methodology involves the users in the software development cycle. Here, requirements are regularly communicated to the developers and these requirements are prioritized. This ensures quality and timely delivery of the end product.

Software Is Delivered Regularly

Unlike the traditional principle of software development where a product is developed over a long timescale and used even for longer period is quashed. The entire idea is based on frequent delivery of products to meet the team’s requirements.

Simplicity Is Vital

Imagine software that requires hours of use to comprehend it. Sounds old school! Keeping things simple with a complete understanding of the end goals and business needs,is one of the key factors driving the agile methodology.

Working Software Is The Only Measure of Success

No matter the hours put on software and the number of bug fixes undertaken, working software is the only measure of success. The team and the individuals using the software should gain hassle-free access. The only thing that they need to focus on is productivity.

Needs Change, So Does Your Software

Your business needs are subjectto change with time and your software needs to keep up with these changes. Under agile methodology, software is built using a scalable model where your changing needs can easily be accommodated to give you the competitive edge.

Face to Face Conversations Are Important

In the old software development model, businesses would often communicate their ideas over email. The only flaw in the conventional method is ineffective communication, because of which the exact needs of the company are not communicated properly. With Agile Methodology the needs are communicated face-to-face either physically or using VoIP. This in turn makes communication easy and effective.

Self-Organizing Ecosystem

When you are talking about good software, you know it is user-friendly, and does not require intense training to manage and maintain it. In fact, the project. Good software isn’t one whose use needs to be taught to the individuals and teams but where they know what to do with it rather than wait for training. The project manager need not micro-manage the operations.

Growing With Growth

Agile Methodology encourages innovation among individuals who are using the software. The teams using it would regularly reflect upon how the software can be put to better use through innovation. It is the best way of moving a project forward.

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