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10 Enterprise Mobility Apps for iPhone

Published: Oct 19, 2015  |   | 

Enterprise Mobility Apps for iPhone
Today iPhone users have become ubiquitous in any workplace. It was only a matter of time before businesses realized the potential of this device for improving productivity, enhancing customer satisfaction and most importantly increasing profits. As more employees bring their iPhones and iPads to the workplace, we have witnessed an intrusion of enterprise mobility apps in the market. With more than 70% of the top companies in the world planning to use these apps, iPhone app development companies are churning out enterprise apps that redefine how business is done in a 24×7 environment. We take a sneak peek into the top ten enterprise mobility apps for the iPhone.

Splashtop Business

It magically allows you to use your iPhone to access your computer. With this you will be able to access your computer screen on your iPhone and access different files and folders when the need arises.


There are dozens of task manager apps available on the App store but none better than this. The user-friendly interface allows you to add tasks without any hassle. The tasks sync across other devices too.


With this app in your iPhone/iPad you can easily fill out forms and sign documents. In fact it does more than that and allows you to fill forms and other PDF documents and insert comments. You can send the final copy via email or to your Google Drive or Dropbox folder.

Onavo Protect

It helps overcome the worst data security nightmares. It protects all your online activity from browsing the data to sharing information on the web. It thwarts all attempts of phishing by unsecure mobile websites.

Google Docs/Sheets

Word docs and excel sheets are a part of your everyday business and this cloud storage app allows you to save attachments as well as freshly created docs on the cloud and access them across mobile devices and desktops/laptops.


You need this free messaging and video calling app every day at the workplace. Connect with your clients and employees from anywhere in the world and conduct video conferences.


Having trouble manually entering the data from business card on Outlook? This app does wonders for you! Take a snapshot of the business card and all the details are automatically uploaded onto your phone contacts and email accounts.


How can we forget LinkedInthe social professional network? Stay connected with colleagues, clients, customers and vendors. There is a lot to know and do with this app. It allows businesses to increase exposure and add to their brand recognition.

Dragon Dictation

If you are tired of typing emails and text this will transcribe your voice into text. Quickly compose emails, text messages and write Facebook and Twitter post. It however needs a bit of practice to enunciate words properly.

Puffin Web Browser

If you are struggling to open Flash based websites on your default web browser, Puffin Web Browser comes to your rescue. Want to build a custom business app, hire the services of Semaphore Software, a leading iPhone development company with an impressive track record. Get in touch through info@semaphore-software.com and the possibilities are endless.