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Things to Consider before Finalizing iPhone App Design

Published: Aug 25, 2015  |   | 

iPhone App Design Tips
Ask any mobile app designer whether it is easy to develop an app and undisputedly the answer would be– running a marathon is easier! It is true that developing a mobile app is not an easy task considering the changing environment and dynamics of the industry. As a mobile application development service, Semaphore Software has experienced change up close. Since we believe that sharing is learning, through this post we want to share our experiences of developing an iPhone app. Some of the critical elements that you have to keep in mind while finalizing any iPhone mobile app design are mentioned below.

Plan Early and Meticulously

While on the job, you will soon realize that you never have enough time to build the dream app you want. That’s the reason why planning plays a crucial role. You have to take your time to plan things in advance, give sufficient time to the core developers to work on the framework and also to test the iPhone app. Moreover planning should be meticulous and you shouldn’t depend on a rough sketch. You have to consider unforeseen obstacles and prepare a plan to counter them. If you have to integrate certain technologies into the app, such as GPS, remember that the job will get only tougher.

Be Ready With The Content

All of us know the role content plays in making a website successful. Similarly, it is difficult to vouch for the success of an app which has minimal or no content at all. Content gives context to the app and makes it relevant for the users. Considering the importance of content, you should have it ready while you work on the app’s design. When you have the content in hand, it becomes easier to develop the app.

Keep In Mind Design Considerations

One of the things you would and should be working on while developing an iPhone app is retina graphics. While working with retina graphics, you should ideally save a version of the image that is twice the original size. This means that if have a 200x200px sized image, it would become 400x400px. After you export the design files to iPhone, the image would automatically get resized to the proper dimensions. You should also remember to name all the graphic files in the same way, without forgetting to add a @2x in the end. Thus a file called “main-header.png” will become “main-header@2x.png”.

Keep Apple’s Approval Process in Mind

Even before you start designing the iPhone app, you have to keep on mind that it takes almost two weeks to get Apple’s approval. This means that if you are working on a deadline, you have to keep in the mind the two-week period. Approval is not the end of the deal. You will need to test the app before launching it. Semaphore Software offers mobile application development service for iPhone app development. Contact us through info@semaphore-software.com to know more about the industry verticals we work for.