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Get Glimpses of IoT Trends at CeBIT-2016

Published: Mar 1, 2016  |   | 

IoT Trends at CeBIT 2016

Internet of Things is a trend that is changing the world like no other. It has played a significant role in benefiting the industrial revolution. The concept of IoT is very huge and covers a broad range of applications in the fields of utilities, transport, healthcare, etc. Being one of the major reasons for the expansion of Digitization, IoT has acquired a prime focus in the mega event CeBIT. This year too, IoT will be one of the major trends of focus and discussion at CeBIT-2016 to be held at Hannover, Germany from 14-18 March, 2016. Silver Touch Technologies will be a part of the event and will be showcasing IoT expertise and solutions.

It is expected that by the year 2020 nearly about 50 billion things would be connected by virtue of the internet. The cornerstones of Internet of Things are the sensors that are embedded in all possible things to capture data and keep them connected to the internet servers. Silver Touch as a service provider has collaborated with enterprises and startups in making real-time connectivity and communications possible with IoT. With our solutions, we bring together people and information and help them connect in real time. Our solutions have improved efficiency over the years thereby offering more productivity at all levels.

IoT will evade the future of Digitization by connecting more devices via the internet. Manufacturing companies adopted the trend of IoT by developing sensor-equipped machines that notify the workers in case of any problems in their functioning. This megatrend has been offering promising solutions in the healthcare sector wherein the equipments and processes are networked amongst each other. This trend leads to increase in efficiency and decrease in challenges of the treatments provided by them. IoT has also benefited the automotive industry. Vehicles are interconnected and have a certain ability to share warnings and control actions like mirror position setting, seat adjustment etc. with the help of a single embedded chip. This trend has brought a meaningful change in almost all areas by connecting more and more devices and objects with sensors and wireless chips.

Silver Touch has a great team of experienced and knowledgeable developers who have developed IoT solutions as per the requirements of the businesses and helped them in refining their resource utilization at reduced costs. Having IoT as a service brings with it improved ROI and profits thereby reducing the risks and improving the savings. The industries for which we have worked out to offer IoT solutions are healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, inventory management, public infrastructure, eGovernance, logistics, energy and utilities, security, and transportation.

At CeBIT-2016, IoT will be a key topic of discussion. Various conferences and panel discussions will be conducted on this topic which would include high caliber speakers and leaders sharing their skills and expertise in this field. Representatives of Silver Touch will be present at the venue at stall #C56 to solve your queries and concerns.

If you are looking for an IoT app development company, write to us at info@semaphore-software.com and our team of experts would come up with suitable solutions for your business needs.