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12 Things You Can Expect from Internet of Things in Future

Published: Jul 7, 2015  |   | 

Internet of Things Future
Internet of Things (IoT) is beginning to grow significantly with the emergence of smart cities, connected utilities, connected cars and connected railways to list a few. It is going to affect every organization once consumer IoT technologies become commonplace in the home. The Internet of Things will transform the lives of everyone around, impact businesses, generate enormous economic wealth and create immeasurable social value. So what does the future have in store for IoT? Here’s a quick look at what you can expect from IoT in the upcoming years!
  • IoT will get cheaper and applications will multiply. The real value will be created in the horizontal platform that ties all together – the new OS. This platform will be composed of 3 different layers: management, infrastructure and data analytics & insights.
  • A lot many platforms and solutions will enable out-of-the-box connected devices. The focus has been on industrial/application type platforms till now. The involvement of the number of IoT devices will be huge in the upcoming years.
  • No doubt, there is a lot of buzz about wearables and connected home, there will be more demand for IoT in businesses and enterprises. IoT will be adopted more in B2C realm.
  • In the upcoming years, IoT will be in great demand in smart cities, helping save a great deal of money. Street lighting is one such example as electricity consumption leads to a major part of the operational expenditure for the city.
  • There is a lot of hype about turning our car into music, video, social media and other types of app to use them in our Smartphone’s. But in future, focus will be on connecting the car operations and improving the safety.
  • Just as Smartphone’s are integral to IoT, data analytics will be using the mobile phones as one of the many processing platforms for geo-distributed analytics.
  • The IoT traffic will not only flow over mobile networks, but the connections will also be made over wireless networks.
  • With the growing success of IoT, companies will have to segment and identify their roles in IoT, as it wouldn’t be possible for them to sell everything to everyone, thus making them more discriminating.
  • With billions of devices projected to be expelling petabytes of data, application developers will be able to launch millions of new and cool apps. But just like Smartphone’s apps, there will be competition between these apps for the market share and only a few will be able to impress the customers and rise to the top to be valued by customers and businesses.
  • There will be privacy and security issues and the complexity of IoT solutions will require new security solutions. Security will have to be considered on an end-to-end basis as IoT will involve widespread sharing of data.
  • People will be living in smart cities and will be having smart parking, connected waste and traffic management and will be able to combat the major challenges of urbanization efficiently. Through IoT, people will be able to save money, shape a bright future and make their cities better places to live.
  • IoT is going to be an essential part of our lives in future, the way internet and eCommerce is to us, in this current era. There will be a day when it will be difficult to imagine that all things weren’t connected and that IoT didn’t exist earlier!
The IoT thus promises increased efficiency within the home, city, and workplace by giving control to the users in the future! Semaphore Software can help you to build robust IoT applications that can easily connect to your hardware devices! Contact us through info@semaphore-software.com to bring positive changes to your organizational structure and create new competitive business models and products through IoT!